My two cents

This is basically just repeating myself over and over again. I have already gone over this stuff before but whatever. lol I am sorry if my writing is becoming monotonous. I can’t escape it.

I don’t exactly know if they were fired or voluntarily exited AKB but to be honest they deserved it. There are a few things you don’t do as an idol. This is one of them and one rule that you absolutely mustn’t break.

When you become an idol you give yourself up. You decide that in order to sing and dance you no longer have a life that is your own. You must become what people want you to be regardless if that isn’t who you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re unhappy and lonely inside, you must portray someone who is perfect, always happy and loves their fans.

I always feel bad for these idols but at the same time I don’t. You should be allowed to have a relationship. You should but if you aren’t willing to do what it takes to be an idol then you shouldn’t be an idol. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you are unhappy with your life you should retire.

Idols are not supposed to have relationships. They aren’t supposed to be a real person. They sell love and company. It’s kind of hard to fall into love with someone if they are in an relationship with another.

When I like an idol I want them to be devoted to me. It’s creepy and selfish but totally true. I want to pretend that they in some ways do love me. I want a level of ignorance and don’t want to treat them like they are real people because the disconnect helps me feel better about what I do. I remember my friend and I were discussing possible couples for We Got Married and when we brought up one person we we both freaked out over it. We didn’t want him fawning over another girl and would feel hurt if he did which lmao is pretty ridiculous since he doesn’t know us and we will never ever date him or get close to him. We weren’t treating him like a person at all or considering his feelings.

I think if we’re looking for reality idols are a poor source. I like idols precisely because I’m not looking for reality. I don’t want to deal with real life shit at the end of the day, I want to escape it. There’s no better way to do so than to watch some smiling face singing me a happy tune while dancing in a fish outfit. They won’t judge me because they don’t know I exist and they accept me for who I am. I can feel relaxed and don’t have to pretend that I am someone I am not in order to please people. Kind of funny isn’t it? I want idols to go through the exact thing I hate most in life.

I don’t want you to think that I oppose them having relationships. I think they deserve to be happy. It would seriously upset me to know an idol I loved was unhappy because they were lonely. I think most of them are dating or have dated anyway. The thing is I can pretend it doesn’t exist and they can merrily go about their business. When there’s a name and a face I can’t. The illusion gets shattered. For example I watched High Score the other day and all I could think about was how the shoulder strap Kago had on her costumes were there to cover up her scars from cutting. Not exactly material for a happy time. That has nothing to do with relationships but is along the same line of things changing once you have more information.

So with that said I don’t mean to say I hate them but it’s just different. I don’t judge them for having relationships and I am happy for them but no matter how hard I try it’s never the same after that. I still love them(those who abandon a person after their “downfalls” SMH) but they feel real after that. That’s not a problem(it’s really my own fault that I feel this way) because they ARE real people and should love but that’s not necessarily what I want them to be.

I think if you are in a relationship you should realize what it could cost you. If you are willing to date someone you can get fired. Especially if you aren’t a front girl. A front girl can probably do what she wants because the company needs her, you as a lesser idol can’t. All idols are replaceable and if you are in a huge group like AKB this is especially true.

If you have a relationship you can get caught. It won’t matter if it’s your private life. If you are a public figure everything you do is public. It’s totally fucked up but that’s the way things are. You get tarnished not the creep who exposed you. I hate the world.

If you sign a contract or get a job that does not allow you to have a relationship and you have a relationship you should expect this. You aren’t doing what you signed up for and you can’t assume that you’ll get off easily. I tend to think that they wanted to go. They ended up leaving way too quickly and a lot of other girls have only gotten suspended. Or maybe the photo evidence was a bigger crime? I don’t know. Either way they are gone now.

I feel super bad for the girls. I don’t like to see girls leaving groups ever. It’s always sad and even if I don’t really know or like certain girls I know how upset their fans are. Also I think that even if they wanted to leave they will miss it in some ways.

That being said they are probably better off. I love idols but I can’t exactly say that they have the best jobs in the world. They suffer a lot for our happiness and I love them all the more for doing it but sometimes I feel terrible. If they are unhappy or want a normal life then they should get out of it. At least these girls can focus on school now and most importantly have a relationship without getting scrutinized for desires that are completely normal. Get that dick, girls.

5 thoughts on “My two cents

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  2. I have to agree with you. It’s a matter of following the rules. All girls, before entering the idol world, know that this rule must not be broken. That’s how it works. If they want to be in show business, they should’ve just chosen other fields, like being a singer, or something that does not demand their… uhmm… purity.

    But I won’t be surprised if they’ll be back in a couple of months. I mean, look at the others. They get rewarded for breaking a rule. It’s not that I oppose of their return but it just tolerate future scandals. 😐

    • Exactly. It’s fine if you don’t approve of the no boyfriend rule(I don’t necessarily agree with it) but as it stands it’s the way things are. You get a job where no tattoos are allowed and you get a tattoo you should expect to get fired even though a tattoo doesn’t really have anything to do with your work ability.

      I wish there wouldn’t be second chances. I think allowing them to date would be better if you are just going to give them second chances all of the time. It’s cruel and putting them through something that is unnecessary. There should be no grey area for any girl.

  3. Let me post two cents about your two cents. hehe

    “When you become an idol you give yourself up.” This is totally true, but one thing we should take consideration is the question “do they wanted to become an idol, in the first place?”. Specially when talking about these AKB girls. Imo, the answer is “no”. There`s plenty of footage around where you can see then talking about her dreams, the career they want. Minegishi even said recently in an Akbingo episode how she never dreamed about being an idol and how it is some kind of strange. Excluding a few of the girls (like Yukirin), the majority want to pursue careers in other areas. They see AKB (and this “idol world”) as a step. Of course this is not a excuse for breaking rules, but having this in mind we can comprehend why they sometimes act in a non-idol manner and seen to don`t know “how the game is played”. So I expected people around the net to be less harsh and more compassionate towards them. (not aiming this last sentence at you)

    You have written something that I didn`t have thought until now: “I tend to think that they wanted to go.”. That is one option that can possibly be the true, since they were two theater girls without great perspectives ahead, in or out (after) the group. But it would be foolish anyways, for their part, to don`t try getting out of the group in better cincurstances…

    • This is true. A lot of girls do not want to be idols, it just happens. They probably want to be real artists and audition for these things on a whim. However once you are an idol you are an idol. It doesn’t matter if you view yourself as something else, if you are a cool girl and get made to act cute, it’s what the world will perceive you as for the most part.

      How many of these AKB girls will ever get famous doing what they want? Probably none. The world wants them to be AKB girls and that is it. It’s unfortunate because I know girls like Takamina really want to be singers or something else but chances are they’d get nowhere if they left AKB.

      I definitely agree. They are real people with feelings. Anyone who hates a girl or gets mad at her to a crazy extent for having a boyfriend is an ass. You can’t expect a young good looking woman to never have dated.

      I don’t know if the boyfriend thing was them trying to leave. I highly doubt it. I think that they didn’t really care much about their future there and when this came out they decided to leave because they were girls who were never going to get anywhere because of how AKB is but I don’t really know any better than anyone else.

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