Thoughts on the Current Morning Musume Part 2A: What Morning Musume Needs


That doesn’t mean that I’m perfectly content with Morning Musume as it is. I love them so much and I want to see them improve. I can admit right now because I’m not blindly in love with them that this is not the strongest Morning Musume we’ve ever had. In fact they really suck at performing and I don’t even like watching their concerts that much. Their lives of singles are okay to me because the singles are made with that in mind but anything else makes me cry and my ears bleed. I want to enjoy it but the singing is so rough that it takes away from their lives. Any possible enjoyment I might have dies as soon as they open their mouths.

I feel bad in a way for them because they are all little girls and they’ve never had a chance to progress and they have no other girls with better vocals to cover for them like before. But at the same time I think that talent is talent and some people can sing from an early age. I don’t remember Berryz concerts being that bad and people like Airi and Goto always sounded good when they were young. There’s a few girls I think actually could improve with more training and time but really most of Morning Musume is bad at singing or at least singing while they are performing. And I hate talking about potential because that means nothing. It’s just false hopes placed on a person until a certain point where either they meet the expectations of them or are doomed to hear about how they have potential.

I was initially okay with the lack of singing talent the 9th and 10th gen had because I thought by the 11th gen we’d get a few good singers from the auditions but all we got was a flop. So the 12th gen would be better, right? We’d get a talented singer this time. NO. In a way I was okay with this because it meant I couldn’t be let down by their choices. The fact that Sakura entered Morning Musume traumatized me tbh. I didn’t realize that they were letting any old girl join one of the most well known female idol groups in Japan. This isn’t AKB. So that at least was good.

I can’t really remember because it’s been like a year or more lol since that actually happened but I believe that Tsunku said something like this is the most talented Morning Musume has ever been. I can’t. That’ s the biggest lie ever and it’s disgusting that he’d even try to lie to us about that. While I like this gen that couldn’t be further from the truth. So because I’m so self-absorbed I wrote a huge amount of tl;dr relating to my thoughts about how each member contributes to the group and what I think of them. Edit: Oh he changed his mind now. Well whatever I’m not rewriting this because I’m a lazy pos.

6th Gen


Sometimes I think I sound like an idiot obsessed with the talent of idols. I am because in the end it doesn’t matter. But of course it’s nice as a fan to have girls that are talented and it’s something admirable.  Is it so wrong to want girls to have some kind of skill? I know it’s for show but I like thinking beyond that. Sometimes I think I sound like an idiot obsessed with the looks of idols. But I don’t because it’s true.

Looks are important when you are an idol. You are selling yourself, people are buying you just like a model and you won’t make it if you aren’t what people want. It’s not so much that I hate certain girls that have been idols but I don’t believe that they have a good idol quality. Does every idol need to be the same? No.

However I definitely think that there’s definitely a list of similar qualities that most popular girls have.You see you can say what you want and try to deny it but in reality there’s girls that are idols and there’s girls that aren’t.

It’s like when you watch the ICONIC show ANTM. Some girls like fashion models and some are plain. There’s not a specific look per se but it varies from person to person and when you see someone like that you just know.

So where I was heading with that comparison is that the premise of the show is making girls into models. That means if they have shortcomings Tyra would tell them that they could fix it and become a model. As you can guess the winners were never that great and it’s the other contestants who became high fashion or successful models. Because reality is that you can’t fix it.

Like models you can’t pick out shitty girls and expect them to be good idols. You need them to be special at first and Sayumi is that which is why she’s been so successful. Any girl can be an idol(no really ANY girl) but there’s only a few that can have longevity and success.

For example let me put it into idol terms. You have cutie pie Airi who is very talented ever since she was young. Airi was always talented and getting lots of lines but management didn’t have to emphasize the fact every fucking moment because Airi is adorable and likeable. Then you have haggard Sakura who management is trying to make happen by telling us she is good at singing. No matter how hard you try you can’t make yourself happen(unless you are friends with Aki-P and have sexual photos of yourself leaked but their current fans(hey if you got into akb years ago and can’t get out that’s okay my friend) are mindless drones anyway). You can try and management can try but it’s pathetic to watch. Instead of management getting good quality girls (OH WAIT THE TRAINEES ARE) they try to make the flops happen. Call me back when Sakura gets 20 photobooks. That’s right, she won’t and if she gets a few they better pad her up more than Aika and even then it won’t compare to Aika’s. You can’t tell me that that derpy faced mongrel didn’t ooze charisma.

The reason Sayumi has managed to stay in Morning Musume and stay popular is because one she was always cute and two she has preserved herself. I’m not saying at idol fans are creeps but if the shoe fits lol. If you look at Sayumi from years ago she basically looks the same as she did years ago. That’s what needs to happen if you want to be popular and become an eternal idol.

I think it’s frustrating that girls are are more successful if they keep a narrow minded definition of an idol but in a way I understand it? Or maybe for me it’s a different feeling. For example I’ve always liked Sayumi and I still do like her. Why? I feel she’s still the same person I loved all those years ago. She’s given me no reason to stop liking her because I initially did.

It’s not that I think people shouldn’t change but as time goes on it gets harder for me to believe that some girls want to be idols. Or maybe I don’t want them to change. I’m not sure if it’s nostalgia or what. I think some girls grow up for the better like C-ute and some grow up for the worst like Berryz Koubou. I guess enthusiasm is the key? I don’t know.


The best example I can think of is Risako. When you compare her to her younger self she’s like two different people. She’s still adorable and I still love her but she’s different. It’s not bad that she changed but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the younger Risako. She used to be so full of life and enthusiastic when she was younger. She simply isn’t the same person any more and to me doesn’t seem to be invested as she once was in the group, lbr who would be? Also due to her image it’s harder for me to take her seriously as idol. It frankly looks silly when they dress up in costumes now. She’s a grown up girl. I almost don’t want Risako to be an idol now and wish she could be a model since she seems to be into fashion. It would suit her well.


Obviously you can see that she has grown up and had her eyelids done but she still keeps the cute feel intact. Sayumi fits in perfectly with the other members and she even looks younger than some. She looks just as cute if not cuter than she looked years ago. Sayumi still has the feel of an innocent virginal loli. Whether or not she actually is that or if she really is still the same remains to be seen. It’s an act anyway so keeping up the act is what is the admirable part. It’s 100% dedication.

I guess for wotas there’s another side to it as well. Some people have been stanning girls since their debut . It’s an investment essentially. An investment into what I don’t know. Actually I do but it’s disgusting. These men feel like they own the girls. They expect them not to grow up and not to have relationships with men(THE JOKE’S ON THEM LOL). It’s gross but true and an innocent looking girl will always carry the air of purity. Sayumi’s child-like face makes some idiots think this.

Anyway whatever way you approach it Sayumi is popular because she is a quality idol. There’s been things leading up to this happening but ultimately she got there because she has a great personality and she’s pretty in a way that fits what idol fans look for. I hope she doesn’t leave Morning Musume for a long time but I’m scared it’s going to happen soon.

9th Gen o0640046312074468020 Eripon

I believe at some point Tsunku was talking about how Morning Musume was desperate for new members and that some girls who wouldn’t normally get in did because the people in charge were idiots and didn’t change the lineup in years. Well something like that but perhaps in a slightly nicer way. It’s obvious to me. I found the 9th gen pretty lacklustre and I can believe that some girls who would not be taken regularly were taken then out of desperation because lolis were needed ASAP. I think that’s the case with Eripon. I don’t hate Eripon at all, in fact I quite like her but I think she’s missing something. I know they tried that whole Gaki wota thing but it was too put on for me. In fact all that did was made me lose even more interest in her. manly muscles eripon is where it’s at 

However this isn’t a place where I’m solely considering my feelings, I am thinking about the group and Eripon adds nothing. She doesn’t stick out to me in terms of dancing or singing, isn’t an amazing performer and fades into the back especially now where there’s more competition. I like her and wish she stuck out more but I think that she’s the type of girl who needs an image to stick out. I blame the stylists/management for not giving her that.

Didn’t Tsunku say at one point that he intended for her to be an ikemen sort of character? I don’t know lmao maybe I dreamed that up because I can’t remember anything for a long or short length of time. But I can see that and I think at would work quite well for her because it’s something to help her stand out. Unfortunately for her Haruka came along and can pull it off effortlessly. It doesn’t stick as well with Eripon.

For research purposes~ I have rewatched Morning Musume pvs and I definitely notice that Eripon’s character is just as confused and all over the place as her hair is. The other girls all have got personas that are more or less consistent but with Eripon she doesn’t. I can’t tell what she is trying to be. Sometimes she’s this super smiley girl, other times she is a cold girl who is too good for you and then she is a boy. None of of it feels real because she won’t stick with it. Maybe if Eripon had a style that stood out when she debuted she would be better off and stand out more but for now she is useless.


Boring. But in a good way? I find her boring but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes normalcy isn’t quite a bad thing and not every girl has to be super intriguing to get noticed. I’ve always found Ai-chan boring but I’ve never minded her being  a lead as she suited it. She’s someone who could greatly benefit with pushing I think. I know I often complain about girls being pushed but I seriously don’t know why the hell they aren’t pushing her more. She’s beautiful and one of the most well rounded in the group with an extremely pleasant voice. What is wrong with management? No we’ll just push flop Sakura instead. Please, the only pushing they should do with Sakura is pushing her in her rocking chair on the balcony of a retirement home where she rightfully belongs.


People used to tell me that Riho was decent at at singing and had potential and that they were training her to turn into a talented, competent ace but I never really believed it. My ears hurt when she sang and that was that. But I’ve changed my tune a bit. Not so much as to say she’s a great singer but I’ve been watching a lot of lives lately and she’s actually one of the better ones out of Morning Musume which kills me to say because that’s how shitty the quality of their vocal talent is that Riho is one of the better singers in the group.

When I listen to her I can at least hear her hitting the notes fairly good. I think she has a decent sense of where the notes should be. I just think there’s several reasons as to why she(and the other girls) is not good at singing.

People don’t realize how hard singing live is. Riho is definitely the person who is moving around the most during lives, who gives her all and you can definitely see that when you watch them. When you are moving around like that of course it’s going to impact your singing ability because you are saying goodbye to breath control. It’s not an excuse really hard it is to sing in tune and shake your ass at the same time. These are little girls bouncing around and flying through the air and it’s hard for them. I mean most people would probably dance to their routine a few times and die. It takes a lot of stamina and focus just to dance. If they can’t catch their breath it’s going to be hard for them to hit the notes properly.

It’s not an excuse because I know that someone like Ayaya can get on stage and deliver a performance that I can hardly distinguish from her recording but you have to take a look at their choreography too because they have a very easy dance most of the time to allow them to sing well. I consider Airi one of the best singers in H!P right now if not the best and I’ve heard her sing a Buono! song I think maybe Renai Rider on a mic hack and she sounded like a smoker who just went for a jog and I know that she is capable of more than that.

I’ve noticed that Riho tends to sound better when she’s singing lower notes and this I think is the main problem. Riho should be singing something that fits her voice natural comfort zone better instead of them pretending that she’s Ai-chan and giving her high notes that she can’t handle. When I listen to her sometimes she sounds decent and this is when she isn’t trying to be Mariah and hit all of these high notes. I think she has a lower register(am i using that correctly? idk ) and it’s going to be harder for her to hit those notes outside of where she’s comfortable with her range in tune???? Random music terminology I don’t understand what the fuck I’m talking about. Okay okay I”ll try this, Riho not sing good. Hit bad notes when high notes. Knife dancing in my ears. Ouch please stop. Riho sing song with lower notes, ears tolerate it. Riho strain herself when she sing high notes. High notes sound like cat being beaten. Make me sad. Knife dancing in my ears. Ouch please stop. Idk lol I just don’t want to sound like a pretentious douchebag.

When I think about it regardless of how I put it or all of the reasons she sounds bad it’s not only because of that. It’s just that her voice isn’t that pleasant to listen to and that’s what it comes down to. It’s whiny and annoying, especially when she is off-tune. I’d personally rather listen to someone who is a mediocre singer with a pleasant sounding voice than someone with amazing technical ability because it sounds better, duh. It’s like when you listen to Nacky’s  or Maimai’s voice. Jesus, could you listen  to that for an hour? No. You’d go deaf.  That’s not to say that their voices always sound bad but it would grind on you if you had to listen for a prolonged period of time. So Riho has a voice that can be impactful because it is so distinct but there’s needs to be certain places to put it. She sounds really good in Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa and towards the end of Ai no Gundan, her line “seken wo shirazu Japanese Japanese” sounds amazing and works so well. If it’s used all of the time it’s loses that specialness(for example it’s the difference between EVERYDAY YEAH! Katomoi and Yuke! Genki-kun) and most importantly everyone will go deaf. However maybe that’s fine because then we won’t be able to hear her voice but I just want someone who has a nice voice to be the main singer. PLEASE. I can’t understand why that’s so difficult. I seriously feel like crying because it’s so frustrating to me. It’s not Riho’s fault, it’s whoever is compsoing the song and giving all of these lines to her.

That being said Morning Musume is lucky to have Riho as a member because she is a very talented dancer. She doesn’t even need to be in Morning Musume and I think that she could’ve had a career as a professional dancer if she wanted it. She’s in my mind the most talented dancer that H!P ever had. I can’t remember another girl ever dancing as smoothly as she does with such expression and especially at her age. It’s remarkable. She’s always been good at dancing too and even when she was a little girl you could see her slaying the fuck out of those dances and making the older girls look subpar.

yeah her timing’s is off sometimes but she’s young and has gotten better


When you watch her you just have to admire her. Honestly when I watch Morning Musume, I don’t watch Morning Musume. I watch Riho because she just commands that much attention she  has that much confidence and her dancing skill is out of this world.

When I think it over Riho is the only one who could have led Morning Musume at that point because let’s be real they were fucked. It’s sad to say but they really were and needed new blood. Like what the fuck were they going to do let Aika lead? Riho is still a very plain looking girl to me but she is pretty and most importantly she fits the loli criteria. So she’s a good add but I think they should start phasing her out for another girl so we can still listen to Morning Musume tracks in years to come instead of turning them off and realizing that we were blindly in love with the current Morning Musume at the time.


There is an elephant in the room when we talk about Zukki. And that elephant is Zukki according to Japanese citizens. Now I think she’s fine the way that she is but I can’t really argue with what they say. It would kill me to know that she gets an eating disorder or loses her confidence over this but I do the same thing talking about how some girls are too ugly to be in certain groups. It’s a harsh reality but idols shouldn’t be ugly or several pounds overweight unless they have huge breasts. Again unfortunate because nobody gives a shit about the other girls and what they are eating and if it’s unhealthy but there’s standards that come with being an idol and I guess being fat makes the group look sloppy or whatever they want to say. People can say what they want about Zukki and it they don’t like her that’s fine, it’s their loss because she’s perfect.

I won’t deny that she’s fat to people because she is. You can see a visible difference from the others so she’s clearly a whale that needs to wear tents 24/7 so Japanese people don’t go blind. I’m going to be such a jerk for saying this but when we first saw Zukki I think she was a diamond in the rough. Something that management saw that they could do something with in time. She’s suuuper cute and has a nice personality. Something about her just draws me to her and I’m not sure if it’s just me others lol. Do I think too highly of Zukki? Perhaps. I just see something special in her and I might be completely crazy in saying this but in a lot of ways she reminds me of Kago with her personality. She’s extremely adorable and has this childish kind of humour.

So here’s where the asshole part comes in:  I think they brought her into Morning Musume with aspirations of making her into a semi-popular girl aka her losing weight. I really do feel like she could be popular if she lost weight. It’s a terrible thing to think about since she’s not even that big. Am I the only one who feels like this???

Anyway regardless of that she is a flawless addition to the group. Even if Zukki will never be super popular she is a good add for the character of the group. Groups can’t survive on pretty girls alone. I’m not saying that Zukki is ugly rather that I hate groups(AVEX) with girls who don’t seem to have any sort of personality to them. It’s like Yuukarin, as cute as she was she was just there.

Zukki mightn’t be the best at everything but I think she’s someone who naturally has a good sense in terms of performing.  I’ve listened to mic hacks before and surprisingly she sounded like she was the one who was on pitch the most out of the 9th generation. Maybe it’s just me but the problem she has most with her singing is her technique which is fixable. When she sings, she sings more from the back of her throat rather than from her diaphragm and the same for her breathing which causes problems and she doesn’t sound as great as she should. Does anyone else hear it?

I really love Zukki. She’s one of my favourite Morning Musume members of all time. I feel like she has great potential(ugh that word) and I’ll be curious to see how she develops in a few years.


8 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Current Morning Musume Part 2A: What Morning Musume Needs

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  2. Your thoughts on Riho and Zukki were just perfect! I found it sad with Riho’s voice nearly dying when she was singing notes that she couldn’t hit. Her dance is just flawless! I loved her dancing hence I was drawn to her instantly. Morning Musume needed that and Riho had it, even with her singing, she shows that dancing and singing aren’t easy, it’s pro all the way. As for Zukki, despite the weight issues and being down in the dumps and stuff, I’m glad Tsunku picked her. Zukki CAN sing, in which Sato Maasaki clearly has stated (before during an interview) that does Zukki has perfect pitch. The only sad thing is that she’s not really getting that much spotlight because…yea, I’m not gonna say it. However, if only they were being taught to sing correctly, from their diaphragm, even Zukki’s voice would be so much better when sounded live.

    • Oh yea, I wanted to add something too, their dances…NEED IMPROVEMENT. SERIOUSLY, I’m sure enough, these dances can’t beat to what Riho have experienced.

  3. You’ve hit on what I consider the worst part of Morning Musume right now. The girls, particularly Riho, are constantly being given lines that they can’t sing, With Riho not even Autotune can fully hide the fact that she’s struggling to sing her solo lines.

  4. I feel the same about Zukki… She could be as popular as Mizuki or Ayumi if she lost some weight… Her face would look totally different.

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  6. Eripon shines on variety shows, I expect to inherit the sayu role of the group. As for Sakura I think the correct comparison would be to Aichan. Sakura has the potential to reach Ai’s level. I believe there is a song the that they do together which illustrates that point.

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