Thoughts on the Current Morning Musume Part 2B: What Morning Musume Needs



Can’t sing or dance but she’s pretty with a distinct face and has an interesting personality. A+ idol material.


People often talk about Fuku-chan, Masaki or Zukki being strong singers in the group but here’s a girl who I think is underrated. Haruka is definitely one of the best singers in the group and I’m shocked they don’t use her more. Her husky voice is really unique and I think it could add something to the current songs. The confusing thing for me is that management seems like they want to promote her but don’t? Watch the newer PVs and you’ll definitely see a lot of her but does she ever get a line? NOPE. MANAGEMENT WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Do you not see how adorable she is? She’s someone special and who could stand out. Oh I just figured out why they don’t right there. They can’t have Haruka and this goes for Fuku-chan too outshining what management tries to make us belive is the second coming of Ai-chan, Oda Sakura. Makes sense because really what would the new Morning Musume be without pushing annoying choices?


I think she’s a nice addition. The thing that I think Ayumi has above other girls is a feeling of coolness. She’s the type of girl you see and think she’s admirable. What I like best about her is how well she plays off of Riho. For me the current Morning Musume lacks but the contrast between them makes it interesting. I love when they have dance battles and even watching them together is nice because of the difference in the way they dance. Together the pair make a wonderful addition to Morning Musume and cement the group so I’m really happy they are a part of the group.


When I first saw that Masaki got in I was like “Who?!”. I couldn’t understand it and definitely didn’t see that coming. Sometimes we don’t fully see everything about certain girls. We might curse management for their stupid choices however I think there’s a lot that we don’t see or have to consider. But quickly I was crying every night over Masaki who my ruining my life. I think the perfect word to describe her would be infectious. I don’t think there’s a single person in this world who could hate her. In fact there are no Masaki haters just people who don’t realize they are part of the Church of Masaki yet.

She seriously is the cutest thing ever. I don’t know how good of an actress she is but something about Masaki makes me feel like that is genuinely how she is. When I stan idols I want to believe that they are not acting. Some might find her quirks annoying but I think it’s absolutely adorable and you can’t say she’s boring. There’s a refreshing quality and charm to her childishness. It’s pure, it’s genuine, I melt into a puddle thinking about her. She’s definitely the best character Morning Musume has right now. How can you not fall in love with a girl like her? YOU ALL KNOW YOU’D SNIFF REINA TOO.

I couldn’t care less if she can’t sing because the most important thing is that I enjoy her voice. Remember me talking about Riho’s voice earlier? Well Masaki’s is the exact opposite. I can forgo any weaknesses she has with singing because her voice is adorable and overcomes them. What I noticed a lot when I would watch Masaki perform is how great she was at it. Most of the current Momusu acts more dead than Berryz Koubou when they perform. It’s obvious that it’s not something they are used to doing but I could always count on Masaki to put emotion into her performances.

She really is charming in every sense and a girl who could overcome all of her faults because of it. That I think is the perfect way to describe her.

11th gen

I don’t get it. I never will get it. With Sakura it’s seriously like Aika never left. And no that’s not supposed to be a compliment. She’s a dud and I’m still disappointed that she was the only one chosen because that should be reserved for aces. They are trying to make her happen just like they did with Aika but just like Aika she’s going to flop hard.

blog, Mitsui Aika, Oda Sakura-395380

You know what they say about birds of a feather.

Let me start out by saying that I don’t hate Sakura at all but I find her quite a pointless addition to the group. I think she’s cute and I enjoy the person she is(she seems very smart and likes Nacky) but I don’t think she’s an idol. Regardless of what I think she is in Morning Musume and an idol so I have to accept this and support her. And I do and I am happy for all that she has accomplished. But that doesn’t mean that I have to agree with the initial decision. Maybe I haven’t reached the point where I’ve warmed up to her yet but I only get like this towards a member when I believe that the addition isn’t beneficial enough to the group. I can put personal feelings aside if the decision seems like a good one for the group. Like personally Maimi never did anything for me. She’s a beautiful, talented girl with a great personality but she just wasn’t my type. I like her a lot more now but I don’t think that there ever was a time when I complained about her being pushed.


She very well could be Michelle Duggar posing with her children here. Sometimes I feel bad for Sakura because I feel like in terms of prettiness she’s almost there but then her eye area fucks it up completely. Okay that’s harsh but true. I think her eye area is what makes her an average girl instead of drop dead gorgeous or super charming. It’s not even just me because I notice that they are making her wear eyelid tape and lenses a lot now. But I feel like this is something that could be solved easily but her stylist hates her? This is why I feel bad.

Child, I want to guide you into the world of makeup and help you reach your full potential. She can only work what she has and again I don’t think she’s ugly just an average who could look great with proper thought into her styling. But of course she’s in a group with gorgeous girls and that doesn’t help. That being said she still looks like she is 50 which I think is what is most offputting thing about her because if I have learned anything from the scum of the internet it’s that Sasshi is ugly because she is old looking . But it’s again fixable if stylists cared. I originally wondered why the hell they cut off her hair but looking at her I understand. If I was looking to style her into a new idol the major problem is how old she looks because you need to look 6 now. Sakura lacks pedomorphic features. Features that make her cute. Take for example Sayumi, She has a round face and chubby cheeks, with big, wide set eyes. It makes her look cute and younger than she is. Sakura has wonky uneven eyes which are very in the middle of her face and a long face. It’s less than ideal if she appealing to people who like young looking girls so back to the hair thing. I’m guessing if the stylists had a brain they thought a short cut would balance her face to make it appear more round and softer. I think in some ways that’s beneficial but they should work with what her face and she’d be better off with a sexier image. The bangs definitely suit her but I think she would look super stunning with long hair. I just spent two minutes working on her makeup and I think I should be hired to overtake H!P styling tbh.


Click the gif to get it to work because idk how to properly do anything.


This is all that needs to be done. Obviously this is a shitty job but it’s not real makeup so that means H!P should fly me out to them to actually test it. I didn’t alter a single feature on her face. All I did was use makeup and changed her eyebrows. It really bothers me when her eyebags get shopped out of official pictures tbh. They are on her face and very prominent so she should show those off since they aren’t going anywhere. I did this by applying a better concealer and a highlighter to give that bright healthy look that is popular in Korea. I got rid of her long brows because she needs to expand that space to make it appear that her eyes are wider set. I also darkened them because she looks terminally ill with light brows. Again trying make her eyes look wider set I highlighted the inner parts of her eyes as well as her inner eyelids. On the eyelids I gradiated from a light colour to a dark brown and extended her eyeline with eyeliner.

I also gave her circle lens. I doubt that’s safe at her age lol but Chinese girls wear them from birth and are fine. I think she is wearing them now anyway. Then I contoured and highlighted her face to give it a rounder shape and added blush to make her softer looking. It’s beautiful but she actually looks older than 10 with it now so they wouldn’t do this ugh. If you like the before better you’re wrong and I hate you. I spent 2 minutes of my life to bring you that. Appreciate it.

Sakura is a decent singer but I don’t think she’s amazing like people are saying. I guess it depends on how well you think that idols should sing. My expectation level isn’t usually that much however with the selection of Sakura I did expect more because of previous Morning Musume choices and because she was the only girl chosen and I am let down. I’ve heard Riho and other girls outsing her and that’s really tragic. Morning Musume doesn’t have a standout singer now and most girls were chosen for their looks rather than talent especially vocal talent.

I do think Sakura can at least hit notes decently but I’m torn when I think about her singing. I guess I’m a loser analyzing this all so seriously but whatever. Better than me being a boring ass blogger adding mindless commentary to a pv or a single over and over again. Sorry if you are a blogger and took that offensively but if you have nothing to be offended over you won’t be offended.

Sometimes when I listen to her I think she has potential. I don’t think she has as good of a control over her voice as they would want you to think but she’s really not bad and I can see her improving over time. However she has this terrible crack in her voice that annoys me. It doesn’t sound natural or suit her voice. Now I have argued with people before over this and it honestly annoys me when people excuse yet call her an amazing singer. I don’t know that much about singing but I know that a great technical singer does NOT make those voice cracks. Those are a sign of poor breath control and a cop out for hitting the proper notes.

It’s frankly insulting to me after all of the talented singers that H!P has had(pretty much all of the PE singers could outsing her and that’s just PE lol) that she’s getting lumped with them. Now is that how she is getting trained to sing? Most likely because lbr any self respecting vocal coach would freak the fuck out over that and get you to fix it. Plus from what I see she’s very hard working and would do something until she got it right so what are you doing vocal trainers?! So I don’t know where I stand on that because it’s not her fault and she’s just following what she’s told to do.

I thought that this was a chance to get a girl who was truly an amazing singer and maybe not so pretty. The group was a certain size that they could support someone like that who would in turn support Morning Musume in lives. I feel like Sakura is sort of this but I don’t understand why they are so intent on emphasizing her singing ability so much when it’s nothing special. Like if she is the best singer by far in Morning Musume, it’s not something to be proud of.

Also for the love of God can they stop with the solo videos of Sakura singing? They really want me to hate her. Management, if Sakura was such a good singer you wouldn’t have to tell me her flop ass is good at singing. SHE JUST WOULD BE.

Funnily enough I notice Sakura for her dancing even more. I think her dancing is really good and I don’t understand why they are so hung up on pushing her as the singer of the group. I don’t tend to notice her when Morning Musume is promoting because she’s so fucking boring and forgettable but if you take special care to pay attention to her you will see it. She seems to be a meticulous sort of dancer and I notice that she pays a lot of attention to her hands. They are beautiful and to be honest she has nicer hands than dance queen Riho. It’s shocking to me but something I did pick up on when watching them perform.

It’s nice that management are promoting her as she’s a new member and needs that but I don’t remember the other girls getting so much attention and lines which means they want to push her. So that’s my qualm with that. She’d maybe be okay as a background girl but if she was something special like Goto or loli queen Karin I would be behind that decision of pushing her fully.

I think that every girl should get a chance to shine but the harsh reality is that some girls will be better liked than others and most of the time it’s just a visual thing or a girl has a special sort of star power. Again for me Sakura should be a background girl rather than an ace. She just is lacking that ace quality and most of the time I forget that she is in Morning Musume.

Okay so I’ll shut up about Sakura now. I’ll just say that you can’t polish a turd and leave it at that.

TL;DR Analysis

This is in no particular order btw and like all things my opinion only.

Best Singers: Fuku-chan, Masaki, Sakura, Riho, Haruka, Zukki

Best Dancers: Riho, Ayumi, Sakura, Fuku-chan

Best Performers: Sakura, Sayumi, Masaki, Fuku-chan(only if she’s doing something sexy idek)

Best Personalities: Masaki, Sayumi, Haruna, Haruka, Zukki

Best Visuals: Sayumi, Haruka, Haruna, Fuku-chan

What I want to see for 12th gen

I want a girl who can do it all. Sing, dance(although not very important because the group has very good ones), someone who is pretty and interesting. I guess that’s what’s always wanted, right? This is what I always want. But I understand that it won’t always happen and that’s okay too. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable in wanting it though. At this moment it’s really what it needed since I think the main girls were created out of necessity not that they necessarily suit the job perfectly.

I just want them to find someone with star quality for once. I don’t want any excuses this time if they say they can’t find a girl. I mean you have Sakura in Morning Musume it’s obvious that you aren’t picky jfc. Plus there’s lots of trainees that would fit that part perfectly.


Mostly though I just don’t want another fuck up. No Sakuras or Aikas please. This isn’t a charity, it’s Morning Musume.


I don’t know. I just don’t know. I enjoy Morning Musume don’t get me wrong but I don’t think that they are that great. I’m not sure how to go about fixing it either. Maybe because I’ve been stanning Morning Musume for so long that I can sense the difference and I don’t like it. I think the current Momusu works well as a group but that’s the problem for me. Morning Musume for me never ever had that group feeling. Or at least that’s how it felt to me.

Why I liked Morning Musume was because it didn’t feel like a group. Of course it was a group and certain girls lacked certain talents that the group would make up for but when I saw Morning Musume I never thought of them as a group. They were a bunch of girls with star power and that’s what Morning Musume is to me. There wasn’t just one kind of ideal(virginal loli) and there were girls of all different ages and personalities. That’s why Morning Musume was so special to me. You’d have the differences of everyone play off of each other. But now that feeling is lacking. Even in the songs it’s lacking. There’s no celebration of that any more and you have to be into a narrow ideal of what will make management money to even get a solo line. They simply refuse to acknowledge what makes each member special and use it.

And talented? No way. I’m pretty sure every group outperforms Morning Musume at this point which is mind-boggling to me. Every girl in H!P was chosen and yet management couldn’t find girls to put in Morning Musume that were quality? I can’t. IT’S THE FLAGSHIP GROUP FFS.

I’m not even getting into their singing ability because we all know how I feel about that at this point.

So let’s talk about their bad performances. How management can fix it, I don’t know. There’s nothing management can do. A higher level of performance has to be wanted and come from the girls. It’s possible they are trying their best but I doubt it and it always feels sloppy and lazy. What I can sense is there’s not a thirst or a fight in the girls and that’s what is lacking and I mean it makes sense because you are just going to be pushed in the back regardless of what you do anyway. They are doing their moves, the are singing the songs but are they conveying that emotion? Are they showing confidence? I don’t think so.

You can give my flawless queens C-ute any song and they will slay the fuck out of it. Just watch them perform. When I watch C-ute perform do you know who I watch? EVERYONE. That’s because all of them match each others moves well but more importantly all of the girls are fighting for your attention when they perform. They all have star power and a uniqueness to each one that makes the group.

Maimai is the HBIC of this and if you watch her you will see what I mean. She puts emotion and feeling behind her movements and expressions and knows how to captivate the person watching. She(along with the rest of C-ute)is flirting with the camera.  It’s not always about putting a smile on your face and staring at the camera for the whole time, it’s the little moments that make up the performance. Sometimes looking away from the camera and giving a glimpse of eye contact and a flash of a smile can be more impactful. When you watch her perform she’s not always making the same expression, she mixes it up according to what she feels works. Plus she changes her style of dance for what she feels works with the song unlike some Morning Musume members. Watch how harsh and fierce her dance moves are in the first MV but when the second is a sweeter song she makes her moves gentler and forgoes the fierce part. This is what a good performer does. This is what Morning Musume needs to learn.

The easiest way I can show you what flops the Morning Musume members are is through comparison. You might think Morning Musume does a stellar job at performing but no. This is what Morning Musume could be. This is what Morning Musume should be. What I get from Team Okai’s performances is enthusiasm and confidence. They also own the moves and exaggerate them so it feels more special and draws your eye in. I think Team Okai are better dancers but you know what? I didn’t even notice Kanana was there the first time. Surprisingly she wasn’t some black hole and it’s because she tries really hard and is confident in what she is doing. I wish the current Morning Musume could learn to be fiercer and really own their dances but I also wished that people besides Sakura and Riho could get solo lines and look at how well that’s going.

I’m really interested in this Morning Musume and where it’s going to go. Finally I feel there’s some inspiration and the group once again has a distinct feeling to them. Maybe I’ll grow tired of it after a while but right now I still am in love. The problem with that is I feel like the style is so distinct that they need to step it up. The girls are replaceable and I don’t want them to be. That’s the major problem. I feel like they are almost there but not quite. They really do need another girl to give them that star power especially when Sayu fucks off.

That being said I still love Morning Musume of course. That’s just the type of person I am. I get frustrated and talk negatively because I’m passionate about them. If I didn’t care I wouldn’t say anything. I wish them the best in the future. I hope they become popular again and most importantly I hope they can shine like the girl group they were years ago. And no I don’t mean the platinum era.


5 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Current Morning Musume Part 2B: What Morning Musume Needs

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  2. Lol idiot I don’t know that despite loving jpop for so long you haven’t figured out that talent has little to do with success

  3. Berryz Koubou looked dead when they performed? I’m not suprised this comes from a °C-ute lover. The Berryz members didn’t look “dead” to me, at all. I enjoy °C-ute but seriously talking about them as if they were the most perfect bunch of girls ever is unrealistic. C-ute will slay any song they sing? Yeah, sure, as if Mai wasn’t one of the worst singers ever, Saki is so-so and her high-pitched voice doesn’t suit every song, Maimi is average, sometimes she sounds pretty bad live. Only Airi and Chisato are talented at singing, and if it wasn’t for them, no matter how sexy Maimai and Saki were, they’d have nothing to do in the music industry. Something tells me you haven’t put the time to look at Berryz concerts. BK my have not been perfect but C-ute isn’t either, Virtually every BK member can put Mai and Saki to shame in terms of singing, and Maimi doesn’t have anything to do with Miyabi and Risako and Momoko in that department either.

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