Thoughts on the Current Morning Musume Part 2B: What Morning Musume Needs



Can’t sing or dance but she’s pretty with a distinct face and has an interesting personality. A+ idol material.


People often talk about Fuku-chan, Masaki or Zukki being strong singers in the group but here’s a girl who I think is underrated. Haruka is definitely one of the best singers in the group and I’m shocked they don’t use her more. Her husky voice is really unique and I think it could add something to the current songs. The confusing thing for me is that management seems like they want to promote her but don’t? Watch the newer PVs and you’ll definitely see a lot of her but does she ever get a line? NOPE. MANAGEMENT WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Do you not see how adorable she is? She’s someone special and who could stand out. Oh I just figured out why they don’t right there. They can’t have Haruka and this goes for Fuku-chan too outshining what management tries to make us belive is the second coming of Ai-chan, Oda Sakura. Makes sense because really what would the new Morning Musume be without pushing annoying choices?


I think she’s a nice addition. The thing that I think Ayumi has above other girls is a feeling of coolness. She’s the type of girl you see and think she’s admirable. What I like best about her is how well she plays off of Riho. For me the current Morning Musume lacks but the contrast between them makes it interesting. I love when they have dance battles and even watching them together is nice because of the difference in the way they dance. Together the pair make a wonderful addition to Morning Musume and cement the group so I’m really happy they are a part of the group.


When I first saw that Masaki got in I was like “Who?!”. I couldn’t understand it and definitely didn’t see that coming. Sometimes we don’t fully see everything about certain girls. We might curse management for their stupid choices however I think there’s a lot that we don’t see or have to consider. But quickly I was crying every night over Masaki who my ruining my life. I think the perfect word to describe her would be infectious. I don’t think there’s a single person in this world who could hate her. In fact there are no Masaki haters just people who don’t realize they are part of the Church of Masaki yet.

She seriously is the cutest thing ever. I don’t know how good of an actress she is but something about Masaki makes me feel like that is genuinely how she is. When I stan idols I want to believe that they are not acting. Some might find her quirks annoying but I think it’s absolutely adorable and you can’t say she’s boring. There’s a refreshing quality and charm to her childishness. It’s pure, it’s genuine, I melt into a puddle thinking about her. She’s definitely the best character Morning Musume has right now. How can you not fall in love with a girl like her? YOU ALL KNOW YOU’D SNIFF REINA TOO.

I couldn’t care less if she can’t sing because the most important thing is that I enjoy her voice. Remember me talking about Riho’s voice earlier? Well Masaki’s is the exact opposite. I can forgo any weaknesses she has with singing because her voice is adorable and overcomes them. What I noticed a lot when I would watch Masaki perform is how great she was at it. Most of the current Momusu acts more dead than Berryz Koubou when they perform. It’s obvious that it’s not something they are used to doing but I could always count on Masaki to put emotion into her performances.

She really is charming in every sense and a girl who could overcome all of her faults because of it. That I think is the perfect way to describe her.

11th gen

I don’t get it. I never will get it. With Sakura it’s seriously like Aika never left. And no that’s not supposed to be a compliment. She’s a dud and I’m still disappointed that she was the only one chosen because that should be reserved for aces. They are trying to make her happen just like they did with Aika but just like Aika she’s going to flop hard.

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You know what they say about birds of a feather.

Let me start out by saying that I don’t hate Sakura at all but I find her quite a pointless addition to the group. I think she’s cute and I enjoy the person she is(she seems very smart and likes Nacky) but I don’t think she’s an idol. Regardless of what I think she is in Morning Musume and an idol so I have to accept this and support her. And I do and I am happy for all that she has accomplished. But that doesn’t mean that I have to agree with the initial decision. Maybe I haven’t reached the point where I’ve warmed up to her yet but I only get like this towards a member when I believe that the addition isn’t beneficial enough to the group. I can put personal feelings aside if the decision seems like a good one for the group. Like personally Maimi never did anything for me. She’s a beautiful, talented girl with a great personality but she just wasn’t my type. I like her a lot more now but I don’t think that there ever was a time when I complained about her being pushed.


She very well could be Michelle Duggar posing with her children here. Sometimes I feel bad for Sakura because I feel like in terms of prettiness she’s almost there but then her eye area fucks it up completely. Okay that’s harsh but true. I think her eye area is what makes her an average girl instead of drop dead gorgeous or super charming. It’s not even just me because I notice that they are making her wear eyelid tape and lenses a lot now. But I feel like this is something that could be solved easily but her stylist hates her? This is why I feel bad.

Child, I want to guide you into the world of makeup and help you reach your full potential. She can only work what she has and again I don’t think she’s ugly just an average who could look great with proper thought into her styling. But of course she’s in a group with gorgeous girls and that doesn’t help. That being said she still looks like she is 50 which I think is what is most offputting thing about her because if I have learned anything from the scum of the internet it’s that Sasshi is ugly because she is old looking . But it’s again fixable if stylists cared. I originally wondered why the hell they cut off her hair but looking at her I understand. If I was looking to style her into a new idol the major problem is how old she looks because you need to look 6 now. Sakura lacks pedomorphic features. Features that make her cute. Take for example Sayumi, She has a round face and chubby cheeks, with big, wide set eyes. It makes her look cute and younger than she is. Sakura has wonky uneven eyes which are very in the middle of her face and a long face. It’s less than ideal if she appealing to people who like young looking girls so back to the hair thing. I’m guessing if the stylists had a brain they thought a short cut would balance her face to make it appear more round and softer. I think in some ways that’s beneficial but they should work with what her face and she’d be better off with a sexier image. The bangs definitely suit her but I think she would look super stunning with long hair. I just spent two minutes working on her makeup and I think I should be hired to overtake H!P styling tbh.


Click the gif to get it to work because idk how to properly do anything.


This is all that needs to be done. Obviously this is a shitty job but it’s not real makeup so that means H!P should fly me out to them to actually test it. I didn’t alter a single feature on her face. All I did was use makeup and changed her eyebrows. It really bothers me when her eyebags get shopped out of official pictures tbh. They are on her face and very prominent so she should show those off since they aren’t going anywhere. I did this by applying a better concealer and a highlighter to give that bright healthy look that is popular in Korea. I got rid of her long brows because she needs to expand that space to make it appear that her eyes are wider set. I also darkened them because she looks terminally ill with light brows. Again trying make her eyes look wider set I highlighted the inner parts of her eyes as well as her inner eyelids. On the eyelids I gradiated from a light colour to a dark brown and extended her eyeline with eyeliner.

I also gave her circle lens. I doubt that’s safe at her age lol but Chinese girls wear them from birth and are fine. I think she is wearing them now anyway. Then I contoured and highlighted her face to give it a rounder shape and added blush to make her softer looking. It’s beautiful but she actually looks older than 10 with it now so they wouldn’t do this ugh. If you like the before better you’re wrong and I hate you. I spent 2 minutes of my life to bring you that. Appreciate it.

Sakura is a decent singer but I don’t think she’s amazing like people are saying. I guess it depends on how well you think that idols should sing. My expectation level isn’t usually that much however with the selection of Sakura I did expect more because of previous Morning Musume choices and because she was the only girl chosen and I am let down. I’ve heard Riho and other girls outsing her and that’s really tragic. Morning Musume doesn’t have a standout singer now and most girls were chosen for their looks rather than talent especially vocal talent.

I do think Sakura can at least hit notes decently but I’m torn when I think about her singing. I guess I’m a loser analyzing this all so seriously but whatever. Better than me being a boring ass blogger adding mindless commentary to a pv or a single over and over again. Sorry if you are a blogger and took that offensively but if you have nothing to be offended over you won’t be offended.

Sometimes when I listen to her I think she has potential. I don’t think she has as good of a control over her voice as they would want you to think but she’s really not bad and I can see her improving over time. However she has this terrible crack in her voice that annoys me. It doesn’t sound natural or suit her voice. Now I have argued with people before over this and it honestly annoys me when people excuse yet call her an amazing singer. I don’t know that much about singing but I know that a great technical singer does NOT make those voice cracks. Those are a sign of poor breath control and a cop out for hitting the proper notes.

It’s frankly insulting to me after all of the talented singers that H!P has had(pretty much all of the PE singers could outsing her and that’s just PE lol) that she’s getting lumped with them. Now is that how she is getting trained to sing? Most likely because lbr any self respecting vocal coach would freak the fuck out over that and get you to fix it. Plus from what I see she’s very hard working and would do something until she got it right so what are you doing vocal trainers?! So I don’t know where I stand on that because it’s not her fault and she’s just following what she’s told to do.

I thought that this was a chance to get a girl who was truly an amazing singer and maybe not so pretty. The group was a certain size that they could support someone like that who would in turn support Morning Musume in lives. I feel like Sakura is sort of this but I don’t understand why they are so intent on emphasizing her singing ability so much when it’s nothing special. Like if she is the best singer by far in Morning Musume, it’s not something to be proud of.

Also for the love of God can they stop with the solo videos of Sakura singing? They really want me to hate her. Management, if Sakura was such a good singer you wouldn’t have to tell me her flop ass is good at singing. SHE JUST WOULD BE.

Funnily enough I notice Sakura for her dancing even more. I think her dancing is really good and I don’t understand why they are so hung up on pushing her as the singer of the group. I don’t tend to notice her when Morning Musume is promoting because she’s so fucking boring and forgettable but if you take special care to pay attention to her you will see it. She seems to be a meticulous sort of dancer and I notice that she pays a lot of attention to her hands. They are beautiful and to be honest she has nicer hands than dance queen Riho. It’s shocking to me but something I did pick up on when watching them perform.

It’s nice that management are promoting her as she’s a new member and needs that but I don’t remember the other girls getting so much attention and lines which means they want to push her. So that’s my qualm with that. She’d maybe be okay as a background girl but if she was something special like Goto or loli queen Karin I would be behind that decision of pushing her fully.

I think that every girl should get a chance to shine but the harsh reality is that some girls will be better liked than others and most of the time it’s just a visual thing or a girl has a special sort of star power. Again for me Sakura should be a background girl rather than an ace. She just is lacking that ace quality and most of the time I forget that she is in Morning Musume.

Okay so I’ll shut up about Sakura now. I’ll just say that you can’t polish a turd and leave it at that.

TL;DR Analysis

This is in no particular order btw and like all things my opinion only.

Best Singers: Fuku-chan, Masaki, Sakura, Riho, Haruka, Zukki

Best Dancers: Riho, Ayumi, Sakura, Fuku-chan

Best Performers: Sakura, Sayumi, Masaki, Fuku-chan(only if she’s doing something sexy idek)

Best Personalities: Masaki, Sayumi, Haruna, Haruka, Zukki

Best Visuals: Sayumi, Haruka, Haruna, Fuku-chan

What I want to see for 12th gen

I want a girl who can do it all. Sing, dance(although not very important because the group has very good ones), someone who is pretty and interesting. I guess that’s what’s always wanted, right? This is what I always want. But I understand that it won’t always happen and that’s okay too. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable in wanting it though. At this moment it’s really what it needed since I think the main girls were created out of necessity not that they necessarily suit the job perfectly.

I just want them to find someone with star quality for once. I don’t want any excuses this time if they say they can’t find a girl. I mean you have Sakura in Morning Musume it’s obvious that you aren’t picky jfc. Plus there’s lots of trainees that would fit that part perfectly.


Mostly though I just don’t want another fuck up. No Sakuras or Aikas please. This isn’t a charity, it’s Morning Musume.


I don’t know. I just don’t know. I enjoy Morning Musume don’t get me wrong but I don’t think that they are that great. I’m not sure how to go about fixing it either. Maybe because I’ve been stanning Morning Musume for so long that I can sense the difference and I don’t like it. I think the current Momusu works well as a group but that’s the problem for me. Morning Musume for me never ever had that group feeling. Or at least that’s how it felt to me.

Why I liked Morning Musume was because it didn’t feel like a group. Of course it was a group and certain girls lacked certain talents that the group would make up for but when I saw Morning Musume I never thought of them as a group. They were a bunch of girls with star power and that’s what Morning Musume is to me. There wasn’t just one kind of ideal(virginal loli) and there were girls of all different ages and personalities. That’s why Morning Musume was so special to me. You’d have the differences of everyone play off of each other. But now that feeling is lacking. Even in the songs it’s lacking. There’s no celebration of that any more and you have to be into a narrow ideal of what will make management money to even get a solo line. They simply refuse to acknowledge what makes each member special and use it.

And talented? No way. I’m pretty sure every group outperforms Morning Musume at this point which is mind-boggling to me. Every girl in H!P was chosen and yet management couldn’t find girls to put in Morning Musume that were quality? I can’t. IT’S THE FLAGSHIP GROUP FFS.

I’m not even getting into their singing ability because we all know how I feel about that at this point.

So let’s talk about their bad performances. How management can fix it, I don’t know. There’s nothing management can do. A higher level of performance has to be wanted and come from the girls. It’s possible they are trying their best but I doubt it and it always feels sloppy and lazy. What I can sense is there’s not a thirst or a fight in the girls and that’s what is lacking and I mean it makes sense because you are just going to be pushed in the back regardless of what you do anyway. They are doing their moves, the are singing the songs but are they conveying that emotion? Are they showing confidence? I don’t think so.

You can give my flawless queens C-ute any song and they will slay the fuck out of it. Just watch them perform. When I watch C-ute perform do you know who I watch? EVERYONE. That’s because all of them match each others moves well but more importantly all of the girls are fighting for your attention when they perform. They all have star power and a uniqueness to each one that makes the group.

Maimai is the HBIC of this and if you watch her you will see what I mean. She puts emotion and feeling behind her movements and expressions and knows how to captivate the person watching. She(along with the rest of C-ute)is flirting with the camera.  It’s not always about putting a smile on your face and staring at the camera for the whole time, it’s the little moments that make up the performance. Sometimes looking away from the camera and giving a glimpse of eye contact and a flash of a smile can be more impactful. When you watch her perform she’s not always making the same expression, she mixes it up according to what she feels works. Plus she changes her style of dance for what she feels works with the song unlike some Morning Musume members. Watch how harsh and fierce her dance moves are in the first MV but when the second is a sweeter song she makes her moves gentler and forgoes the fierce part. This is what a good performer does. This is what Morning Musume needs to learn.

The easiest way I can show you what flops the Morning Musume members are is through comparison. You might think Morning Musume does a stellar job at performing but no. This is what Morning Musume could be. This is what Morning Musume should be. What I get from Team Okai’s performances is enthusiasm and confidence. They also own the moves and exaggerate them so it feels more special and draws your eye in. I think Team Okai are better dancers but you know what? I didn’t even notice Kanana was there the first time. Surprisingly she wasn’t some black hole and it’s because she tries really hard and is confident in what she is doing. I wish the current Morning Musume could learn to be fiercer and really own their dances but I also wished that people besides Sakura and Riho could get solo lines and look at how well that’s going.

I’m really interested in this Morning Musume and where it’s going to go. Finally I feel there’s some inspiration and the group once again has a distinct feeling to them. Maybe I’ll grow tired of it after a while but right now I still am in love. The problem with that is I feel like the style is so distinct that they need to step it up. The girls are replaceable and I don’t want them to be. That’s the major problem. I feel like they are almost there but not quite. They really do need another girl to give them that star power especially when Sayu fucks off.

That being said I still love Morning Musume of course. That’s just the type of person I am. I get frustrated and talk negatively because I’m passionate about them. If I didn’t care I wouldn’t say anything. I wish them the best in the future. I hope they become popular again and most importantly I hope they can shine like the girl group they were years ago. And no I don’t mean the platinum era.


Thoughts on the Current Morning Musume Part 2A: What Morning Musume Needs


That doesn’t mean that I’m perfectly content with Morning Musume as it is. I love them so much and I want to see them improve. I can admit right now because I’m not blindly in love with them that this is not the strongest Morning Musume we’ve ever had. In fact they really suck at performing and I don’t even like watching their concerts that much. Their lives of singles are okay to me because the singles are made with that in mind but anything else makes me cry and my ears bleed. I want to enjoy it but the singing is so rough that it takes away from their lives. Any possible enjoyment I might have dies as soon as they open their mouths.

I feel bad in a way for them because they are all little girls and they’ve never had a chance to progress and they have no other girls with better vocals to cover for them like before. But at the same time I think that talent is talent and some people can sing from an early age. I don’t remember Berryz concerts being that bad and people like Airi and Goto always sounded good when they were young. There’s a few girls I think actually could improve with more training and time but really most of Morning Musume is bad at singing or at least singing while they are performing. And I hate talking about potential because that means nothing. It’s just false hopes placed on a person until a certain point where either they meet the expectations of them or are doomed to hear about how they have potential.

I was initially okay with the lack of singing talent the 9th and 10th gen had because I thought by the 11th gen we’d get a few good singers from the auditions but all we got was a flop. So the 12th gen would be better, right? We’d get a talented singer this time. NO. In a way I was okay with this because it meant I couldn’t be let down by their choices. The fact that Sakura entered Morning Musume traumatized me tbh. I didn’t realize that they were letting any old girl join one of the most well known female idol groups in Japan. This isn’t AKB. So that at least was good.

I can’t really remember because it’s been like a year or more lol since that actually happened but I believe that Tsunku said something like this is the most talented Morning Musume has ever been. I can’t. That’ s the biggest lie ever and it’s disgusting that he’d even try to lie to us about that. While I like this gen that couldn’t be further from the truth. So because I’m so self-absorbed I wrote a huge amount of tl;dr relating to my thoughts about how each member contributes to the group and what I think of them. Edit: Oh he changed his mind now. Well whatever I’m not rewriting this because I’m a lazy pos.

6th Gen


Sometimes I think I sound like an idiot obsessed with the talent of idols. I am because in the end it doesn’t matter. But of course it’s nice as a fan to have girls that are talented and it’s something admirable.  Is it so wrong to want girls to have some kind of skill? I know it’s for show but I like thinking beyond that. Sometimes I think I sound like an idiot obsessed with the looks of idols. But I don’t because it’s true.

Looks are important when you are an idol. You are selling yourself, people are buying you just like a model and you won’t make it if you aren’t what people want. It’s not so much that I hate certain girls that have been idols but I don’t believe that they have a good idol quality. Does every idol need to be the same? No.

However I definitely think that there’s definitely a list of similar qualities that most popular girls have.You see you can say what you want and try to deny it but in reality there’s girls that are idols and there’s girls that aren’t.

It’s like when you watch the ICONIC show ANTM. Some girls like fashion models and some are plain. There’s not a specific look per se but it varies from person to person and when you see someone like that you just know.

So where I was heading with that comparison is that the premise of the show is making girls into models. That means if they have shortcomings Tyra would tell them that they could fix it and become a model. As you can guess the winners were never that great and it’s the other contestants who became high fashion or successful models. Because reality is that you can’t fix it.

Like models you can’t pick out shitty girls and expect them to be good idols. You need them to be special at first and Sayumi is that which is why she’s been so successful. Any girl can be an idol(no really ANY girl) but there’s only a few that can have longevity and success.

For example let me put it into idol terms. You have cutie pie Airi who is very talented ever since she was young. Airi was always talented and getting lots of lines but management didn’t have to emphasize the fact every fucking moment because Airi is adorable and likeable. Then you have haggard Sakura who management is trying to make happen by telling us she is good at singing. No matter how hard you try you can’t make yourself happen(unless you are friends with Aki-P and have sexual photos of yourself leaked but their current fans(hey if you got into akb years ago and can’t get out that’s okay my friend) are mindless drones anyway). You can try and management can try but it’s pathetic to watch. Instead of management getting good quality girls (OH WAIT THE TRAINEES ARE) they try to make the flops happen. Call me back when Sakura gets 20 photobooks. That’s right, she won’t and if she gets a few they better pad her up more than Aika and even then it won’t compare to Aika’s. You can’t tell me that that derpy faced mongrel didn’t ooze charisma.

The reason Sayumi has managed to stay in Morning Musume and stay popular is because one she was always cute and two she has preserved herself. I’m not saying at idol fans are creeps but if the shoe fits lol. If you look at Sayumi from years ago she basically looks the same as she did years ago. That’s what needs to happen if you want to be popular and become an eternal idol.

I think it’s frustrating that girls are are more successful if they keep a narrow minded definition of an idol but in a way I understand it? Or maybe for me it’s a different feeling. For example I’ve always liked Sayumi and I still do like her. Why? I feel she’s still the same person I loved all those years ago. She’s given me no reason to stop liking her because I initially did.

It’s not that I think people shouldn’t change but as time goes on it gets harder for me to believe that some girls want to be idols. Or maybe I don’t want them to change. I’m not sure if it’s nostalgia or what. I think some girls grow up for the better like C-ute and some grow up for the worst like Berryz Koubou. I guess enthusiasm is the key? I don’t know.


The best example I can think of is Risako. When you compare her to her younger self she’s like two different people. She’s still adorable and I still love her but she’s different. It’s not bad that she changed but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the younger Risako. She used to be so full of life and enthusiastic when she was younger. She simply isn’t the same person any more and to me doesn’t seem to be invested as she once was in the group, lbr who would be? Also due to her image it’s harder for me to take her seriously as idol. It frankly looks silly when they dress up in costumes now. She’s a grown up girl. I almost don’t want Risako to be an idol now and wish she could be a model since she seems to be into fashion. It would suit her well.


Obviously you can see that she has grown up and had her eyelids done but she still keeps the cute feel intact. Sayumi fits in perfectly with the other members and she even looks younger than some. She looks just as cute if not cuter than she looked years ago. Sayumi still has the feel of an innocent virginal loli. Whether or not she actually is that or if she really is still the same remains to be seen. It’s an act anyway so keeping up the act is what is the admirable part. It’s 100% dedication.

I guess for wotas there’s another side to it as well. Some people have been stanning girls since their debut . It’s an investment essentially. An investment into what I don’t know. Actually I do but it’s disgusting. These men feel like they own the girls. They expect them not to grow up and not to have relationships with men(THE JOKE’S ON THEM LOL). It’s gross but true and an innocent looking girl will always carry the air of purity. Sayumi’s child-like face makes some idiots think this.

Anyway whatever way you approach it Sayumi is popular because she is a quality idol. There’s been things leading up to this happening but ultimately she got there because she has a great personality and she’s pretty in a way that fits what idol fans look for. I hope she doesn’t leave Morning Musume for a long time but I’m scared it’s going to happen soon.

9th Gen o0640046312074468020 Eripon

I believe at some point Tsunku was talking about how Morning Musume was desperate for new members and that some girls who wouldn’t normally get in did because the people in charge were idiots and didn’t change the lineup in years. Well something like that but perhaps in a slightly nicer way. It’s obvious to me. I found the 9th gen pretty lacklustre and I can believe that some girls who would not be taken regularly were taken then out of desperation because lolis were needed ASAP. I think that’s the case with Eripon. I don’t hate Eripon at all, in fact I quite like her but I think she’s missing something. I know they tried that whole Gaki wota thing but it was too put on for me. In fact all that did was made me lose even more interest in her. manly muscles eripon is where it’s at 

However this isn’t a place where I’m solely considering my feelings, I am thinking about the group and Eripon adds nothing. She doesn’t stick out to me in terms of dancing or singing, isn’t an amazing performer and fades into the back especially now where there’s more competition. I like her and wish she stuck out more but I think that she’s the type of girl who needs an image to stick out. I blame the stylists/management for not giving her that.

Didn’t Tsunku say at one point that he intended for her to be an ikemen sort of character? I don’t know lmao maybe I dreamed that up because I can’t remember anything for a long or short length of time. But I can see that and I think at would work quite well for her because it’s something to help her stand out. Unfortunately for her Haruka came along and can pull it off effortlessly. It doesn’t stick as well with Eripon.

For research purposes~ I have rewatched Morning Musume pvs and I definitely notice that Eripon’s character is just as confused and all over the place as her hair is. The other girls all have got personas that are more or less consistent but with Eripon she doesn’t. I can’t tell what she is trying to be. Sometimes she’s this super smiley girl, other times she is a cold girl who is too good for you and then she is a boy. None of of it feels real because she won’t stick with it. Maybe if Eripon had a style that stood out when she debuted she would be better off and stand out more but for now she is useless.


Boring. But in a good way? I find her boring but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes normalcy isn’t quite a bad thing and not every girl has to be super intriguing to get noticed. I’ve always found Ai-chan boring but I’ve never minded her being  a lead as she suited it. She’s someone who could greatly benefit with pushing I think. I know I often complain about girls being pushed but I seriously don’t know why the hell they aren’t pushing her more. She’s beautiful and one of the most well rounded in the group with an extremely pleasant voice. What is wrong with management? No we’ll just push flop Sakura instead. Please, the only pushing they should do with Sakura is pushing her in her rocking chair on the balcony of a retirement home where she rightfully belongs.


People used to tell me that Riho was decent at at singing and had potential and that they were training her to turn into a talented, competent ace but I never really believed it. My ears hurt when she sang and that was that. But I’ve changed my tune a bit. Not so much as to say she’s a great singer but I’ve been watching a lot of lives lately and she’s actually one of the better ones out of Morning Musume which kills me to say because that’s how shitty the quality of their vocal talent is that Riho is one of the better singers in the group.

When I listen to her I can at least hear her hitting the notes fairly good. I think she has a decent sense of where the notes should be. I just think there’s several reasons as to why she(and the other girls) is not good at singing.

People don’t realize how hard singing live is. Riho is definitely the person who is moving around the most during lives, who gives her all and you can definitely see that when you watch them. When you are moving around like that of course it’s going to impact your singing ability because you are saying goodbye to breath control. It’s not an excuse really hard it is to sing in tune and shake your ass at the same time. These are little girls bouncing around and flying through the air and it’s hard for them. I mean most people would probably dance to their routine a few times and die. It takes a lot of stamina and focus just to dance. If they can’t catch their breath it’s going to be hard for them to hit the notes properly.

It’s not an excuse because I know that someone like Ayaya can get on stage and deliver a performance that I can hardly distinguish from her recording but you have to take a look at their choreography too because they have a very easy dance most of the time to allow them to sing well. I consider Airi one of the best singers in H!P right now if not the best and I’ve heard her sing a Buono! song I think maybe Renai Rider on a mic hack and she sounded like a smoker who just went for a jog and I know that she is capable of more than that.

I’ve noticed that Riho tends to sound better when she’s singing lower notes and this I think is the main problem. Riho should be singing something that fits her voice natural comfort zone better instead of them pretending that she’s Ai-chan and giving her high notes that she can’t handle. When I listen to her sometimes she sounds decent and this is when she isn’t trying to be Mariah and hit all of these high notes. I think she has a lower register(am i using that correctly? idk ) and it’s going to be harder for her to hit those notes outside of where she’s comfortable with her range in tune???? Random music terminology I don’t understand what the fuck I’m talking about. Okay okay I”ll try this, Riho not sing good. Hit bad notes when high notes. Knife dancing in my ears. Ouch please stop. Riho sing song with lower notes, ears tolerate it. Riho strain herself when she sing high notes. High notes sound like cat being beaten. Make me sad. Knife dancing in my ears. Ouch please stop. Idk lol I just don’t want to sound like a pretentious douchebag.

When I think about it regardless of how I put it or all of the reasons she sounds bad it’s not only because of that. It’s just that her voice isn’t that pleasant to listen to and that’s what it comes down to. It’s whiny and annoying, especially when she is off-tune. I’d personally rather listen to someone who is a mediocre singer with a pleasant sounding voice than someone with amazing technical ability because it sounds better, duh. It’s like when you listen to Nacky’s  or Maimai’s voice. Jesus, could you listen  to that for an hour? No. You’d go deaf.  That’s not to say that their voices always sound bad but it would grind on you if you had to listen for a prolonged period of time. So Riho has a voice that can be impactful because it is so distinct but there’s needs to be certain places to put it. She sounds really good in Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa and towards the end of Ai no Gundan, her line “seken wo shirazu Japanese Japanese” sounds amazing and works so well. If it’s used all of the time it’s loses that specialness(for example it’s the difference between EVERYDAY YEAH! Katomoi and Yuke! Genki-kun) and most importantly everyone will go deaf. However maybe that’s fine because then we won’t be able to hear her voice but I just want someone who has a nice voice to be the main singer. PLEASE. I can’t understand why that’s so difficult. I seriously feel like crying because it’s so frustrating to me. It’s not Riho’s fault, it’s whoever is compsoing the song and giving all of these lines to her.

That being said Morning Musume is lucky to have Riho as a member because she is a very talented dancer. She doesn’t even need to be in Morning Musume and I think that she could’ve had a career as a professional dancer if she wanted it. She’s in my mind the most talented dancer that H!P ever had. I can’t remember another girl ever dancing as smoothly as she does with such expression and especially at her age. It’s remarkable. She’s always been good at dancing too and even when she was a little girl you could see her slaying the fuck out of those dances and making the older girls look subpar.

yeah her timing’s is off sometimes but she’s young and has gotten better


When you watch her you just have to admire her. Honestly when I watch Morning Musume, I don’t watch Morning Musume. I watch Riho because she just commands that much attention she  has that much confidence and her dancing skill is out of this world.

When I think it over Riho is the only one who could have led Morning Musume at that point because let’s be real they were fucked. It’s sad to say but they really were and needed new blood. Like what the fuck were they going to do let Aika lead? Riho is still a very plain looking girl to me but she is pretty and most importantly she fits the loli criteria. So she’s a good add but I think they should start phasing her out for another girl so we can still listen to Morning Musume tracks in years to come instead of turning them off and realizing that we were blindly in love with the current Morning Musume at the time.


There is an elephant in the room when we talk about Zukki. And that elephant is Zukki according to Japanese citizens. Now I think she’s fine the way that she is but I can’t really argue with what they say. It would kill me to know that she gets an eating disorder or loses her confidence over this but I do the same thing talking about how some girls are too ugly to be in certain groups. It’s a harsh reality but idols shouldn’t be ugly or several pounds overweight unless they have huge breasts. Again unfortunate because nobody gives a shit about the other girls and what they are eating and if it’s unhealthy but there’s standards that come with being an idol and I guess being fat makes the group look sloppy or whatever they want to say. People can say what they want about Zukki and it they don’t like her that’s fine, it’s their loss because she’s perfect.

I won’t deny that she’s fat to people because she is. You can see a visible difference from the others so she’s clearly a whale that needs to wear tents 24/7 so Japanese people don’t go blind. I’m going to be such a jerk for saying this but when we first saw Zukki I think she was a diamond in the rough. Something that management saw that they could do something with in time. She’s suuuper cute and has a nice personality. Something about her just draws me to her and I’m not sure if it’s just me others lol. Do I think too highly of Zukki? Perhaps. I just see something special in her and I might be completely crazy in saying this but in a lot of ways she reminds me of Kago with her personality. She’s extremely adorable and has this childish kind of humour.

So here’s where the asshole part comes in:  I think they brought her into Morning Musume with aspirations of making her into a semi-popular girl aka her losing weight. I really do feel like she could be popular if she lost weight. It’s a terrible thing to think about since she’s not even that big. Am I the only one who feels like this???

Anyway regardless of that she is a flawless addition to the group. Even if Zukki will never be super popular she is a good add for the character of the group. Groups can’t survive on pretty girls alone. I’m not saying that Zukki is ugly rather that I hate groups(AVEX) with girls who don’t seem to have any sort of personality to them. It’s like Yuukarin, as cute as she was she was just there.

Zukki mightn’t be the best at everything but I think she’s someone who naturally has a good sense in terms of performing.  I’ve listened to mic hacks before and surprisingly she sounded like she was the one who was on pitch the most out of the 9th generation. Maybe it’s just me but the problem she has most with her singing is her technique which is fixable. When she sings, she sings more from the back of her throat rather than from her diaphragm and the same for her breathing which causes problems and she doesn’t sound as great as she should. Does anyone else hear it?

I really love Zukki. She’s one of my favourite Morning Musume members of all time. I feel like she has great potential(ugh that word) and I’ll be curious to see how she develops in a few years.

Thoughts on the Current Morning Musume Part 1: It Was the English Subtitles


I’ve woken up from my slumber and I’m still a little grumpy it seems. I don’t know what the hell is wrong me but I’m just an extremely hateful person. While everyone cheers on Morning Musume I remain pessimistic and deep in thought.

I’m warning you beforehand that what I say will basically bash the hell out of Morning Musume so get ready. All I can say is that my honesty is not meant to drag down Morning Musume and I still love them but I’m realistic to a fault.

This post(posts now because I wouldn’t shut up lol) is a culmination of some things I’ve been thinking recently sparked by the 12th generation results, things said around due to Morning Musume’s success now and strangely enough this post. The comments in that post kill me and I know a lot of them just say whatever but when anons come to an agreement it makes sense in some sort of messed up way, right? It was an interesting thought if you don’t take it too seriously.

There has been bitterness with fans because ye olde platinum era(PE because I’m lazy) sucked and had terrible sales and no popularity. Often they will say “Well Tsunku didn’t promote them and that’s why they failed. I don’t really know if that’s correct and besides I think Aki-P was interfering with H!P’s success(or at least show appearances) while he was making AKB dominate the world(I’m still waiting for my CAN48, where is it?). Where the Sayumi post comes in that Sayumi has a virginal feel and that’s why she is popular. Is that surprising to me? Nope. I think we’ve pretty much established already that wota/Japan likes innocent and child-like girls.

I’m wondering if the product just wasn’t right. As well you have to consider the events before PE. The PE slump didn’t just happen out of nowhere. It was a series of events that led to that dip in popularity and low sales. If you pay attention to the sales and the fans because you are a loser like me then you’d know that Morning Musume was losing popularity for a long time before that. You could see by the time that the 6th generation(and I doubt that the public remembers the 5th generation very much too)came around, maybe even earlier than that the audience was starting to switch around or at least this is in my opinion. Sales had been going further down and the public didn’t care.

Then to top it all off right before PE most of the popular members that were still around left. Nacchi had left for a solo career a while back. Kago and Tsuji graduated together for W. Then Kaori graduated for a solo career which was so weird to me because she was the leader for an extremely long time and I didn’t accept the change very well. Rika left for v-u-den. Mari left because she dating some guy. Mikitty left because she dating some guy. Lastly Konkon left for university and Makoto graduated with her because she was useless. So yeah none of these members leaving helped the situation at all because obviously when a girl leaves so will a lot of her fanbase. But it’s not really surprising to me because of course popularity will wane if a group loses a member people like.

I don’t mean to say that sales weren’t going down beforehand but I think that all of those losses in such a short period of time didn’t help and further lead the group into wota territory and to PE hell. The group really didn’t have time to stabilize and promote new members to help build up the fanbase again. We never really had that period. Plus when they added a new member it was Koharu. Did anyone like Koharu when she first joined up? I’ll be honest she was so annoying to me.

First of all I hate when only one person joins a generation. Not Goto of course because she was special and talented but the others were not deserving. I think it’s a cocky thing to do and it just bugs me. Like there’s thousands of girls in Japan and you seriously can’t find another suitable member? Bullshit. I do think that Koharu was a good choice because she had saleability(wasn’t ugly like Aika or basic like Sakura) but at the time I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. That they only chose this talentless girl and were calling her the ace. She was grating to me at first. I didn’t find that she had a good personality. I only started liking her when she did the Kirarin Revolution thing. But even though she did well with that it’s very unlikely that one girl could save Morning Musume and restore the sales especially after they reached their popularity peak and it was steadily declining.

When I look at PE it’s a weird dynamic for a group. Especially if you look at what Morning Musume was. It was always a group that was changing and evolving based on who was in the group at the time. Now that probably doesn’t feel weird to people who got into Morning Musume at the time but for me it was off. What seemed to happen to me was rather than moving forward we were moving back. Aika, Linlin, and Junjun were supposed to inspire and move the group forward but instead they brought the group down. I wanted to forget that Aika existed most of the time because she was awful. I thought Junjun and Linlin were intriguing but they never got any promotion. They were also older and Chinese which didn’t help their case. I’m convinced if Japan wasn’t a racist mess that they would have got more promotion in the group but again they were still old and not the young teenagers we were used to seeing.

It was a different time, that’s for sure. Instead of the younger generation adding to the mix like I said they detracted and all of the attention was placed on the older generations. They needed a concept to suit them as group. They tried experimenting at first and then when Mikan bombed they went with a more mature and sexy image which is not the direction that successful idols go in because it lacks a pure feeling. This was hell on earth to be honest. It wasn’t even the bland music that I hated.

In fact I think the music of that era gets too much hate. Please don’t misunderstand me. It was not good. Not good at all. But that’s not the only idol group like that at all. For example, AKB. Passpo. Or if you hate yourself go to the official Berryz Koubou channel and hit from newest to oldest. Now watch their PVs. I’ve created a fun game where I try to spot exactly where the light in their eyes died because they were sick of their shitty songs and just went on idol autopilot. But this isn’t a post on how much Berry Koubou has sucked for years, this is about Morning Musume.

I remember years ago sitting down to my computer waiting for months and months for a release from PE Morning Musume. I’d take in every little detail on H!O about that single. I’d daydream that this time it would be good. When the PVs came out I would almost cry because of all of that anticipation but when I watched them I was always disappointed. It was tough for me to take in because Morning Musume had always been something I loved dearly but I was losing my interest quickly. At that point I even wondered if I was finally growing out of my weeaboo phase and most importantly the thing I cared most about in life. This sounds so dramatic but honestly it’s true. I was having an existential crisis over this lol. The only thing that made me happy and that I could truthfully say I loved, I didn’t like or rather I was indifferent to which is even worse. Where exactly did that leave me? What did I have to be happy about then?  Oh god I sound so terrible lmao I can’t.

I don’t even know where to start when I try to think of what was wrong because the whole damn thing was a mess. I mean I can probably just write out Haromoni and as you read that you’ll let out a groan and facepalm. The PVs were all in the dreaded studio. When they weren’t in the studio something else fucked it up and made that release terrible. Promotion? What is that? The dances were so boring, Basically you’d have your main vocal in the center touching her face and the girls on either side of her would dance the exact same dance but reversed. The outfits usually looked like they came out of a bargain bin. Period dresses. Hairy chested neon jumpsuits. And the songs. Oh the songs. They were slow paced yawn fests about some girl whining that she was alone. Riho Ai-chan and Reina had all of the lines so the song wouldn’t even have a chance of sounding interesting even if it could have been. I don’t know who was more tired of everything, myself or Morning Musume.

That’s not to say that I hated all that the PE had to offer. Truthfully I think Morning Musume was most talented during that period and the best that Morning Musume will ever have to offer in terms of vocal talent. Reina, Ai-chan, Gaki, Eri(she doesn’t get credited enough imo) and Linlin were all excellent singers for idols. It wasn’t only that, it was that their voices went together so well because you had a great balance of girls with lower and higher sounding voice(Morning Musume sounds like men singing now lmao i’m sure if a chipmunk joined them it wouldn’t save them). I think their concerts were really enjoyable and COVER YOU was great. But talent is useless. Platinum Era didn’t hit the spot at all. Idols should cheer people up and keep them excited and PE didn’t.

I often wonder and compare the current Morning Musume to the former. If roles were reversed what would have happened. Is the current Morning Musume that different from PE Morning Musume?

In a lot of ways I don’t think it is. I’ll probably be the only person to say this but honestly I don’t think that the songs from colourful era(CE) Morning Musume are that catchy or good. Seriously it’s just like a half step up from PE. I don’t know exactly what it is but I can’t say that these new songs will ever compare to the old ones. And yes comparing them is probably the wrong thing to do but whatever.

Let me start out by saying that I don’t expect the Morning Musume sound not to change. I know it will. You have to adapt to stay relevant in the music industry since tastes change so quickly. When Morning Musume first started out as a group they were completely different from the golden era. But you know what, it didn’t matter to me because I can embrace different styles of music and these songs were all good IMO. Sure some were better than others or appealed to me more but I could honestly say I liked them all and never had to take a second listen to decide that. They all stood out to me and were memorable.

The CE music not so much. I must be an idiot or something because even thought I’ve listened to their singles 100+ times each I can’t for the life of me remember how they go most of the time. Or if I remember some of it, it’s only a small part. I feel like either I have developed short term memory loss or that the music is unremarkable. I’m going with the latter.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the music when I listen to it and I listen to it a lot because as a wota that is my duty. However I don’t think that the music is good. Most of these songs have catchy parts but the whole of the songs aren’t that good and I’m wondering just how much the choreography and PVs play in me liking the music. As well I wonder if I’ll even bother playing these songs in the future. I used to listen to PE singles just as much but now I rarely ever play them, just older singles.

I don’t know exactly how to describe what makes a song sound good as I guess it’s a personal thing for everyone. I don’t have any special knowledge to say what makes a song good to me. All I can say is that when I listen to a song I expect it to flow well. The best way I can describe it like this: CE songs remind me of IGAB and it’s like comparing that to Gee for me. IGAB is series of hooks that don’t necessarily go together well but are catchy and fun. I can listen to IGAB but I can’t say it’s on par with former SNSD singles. It doesn’t interest me like their previous singles.

When I listen to an old H!P song everything seems purposefully placed into that song and brings it together. The one thing I noticed about older H!P songs is there are lots of little moments throughout. I don’t know how to explain this lmao I’m stupid. Okay so I could listen to verse 1 and verse 2 and basically they have the same structure but they differ due to the sounds effects placed in each part. In catchy songs there should be lots of layers(hooks?) that suck you in and make you want to keep listening to the song until you think to yourself Have I really listened to The Peace over a thousand times this month and why can’t I stop playing it? Did I have a life before this? I don’t know and I don’t care because my life is The Peace! now. If there’s not those moments you are going to get boring songs like the PE.

I bet most people could write and compose PE songs tbh. It’s simple. Writing the lyrics come first. The song will be about a lonely girl who wants to be loved. You just shit out a tune that sounds somewhat original, it doesn’t have to be that catchy, don’t worry. Then to make it seem like you are trying add some twinkling sounds and a violin solo to the mix. The song might sound a little bare still so Ai-chan should do the supporting vocals because even when Ai-chan’s not singing, she should be singing. The line distribution should be as follows: Ai-chan and Reina are the main vocalists. There should never be any deviation from this no matter what. Risa and Eri get some lines. Koharu as well since she’s the closest thing to a loli you have left, Sayumi gets an Ah. The Chinese girls get no solos but they can sing along in the chorus. Aika maybe gets a line every couple of song so the Chinese girls like they are not wanted. That’s it. That’s how to make a PE song. I’m an idiot and if I can tell how boring and predictable those songs are then that’s a problem.

As I’ve said before I think the CE music is at least a little better than PE. There’s enjoyable moments throughout even if I don’t think that the songs are amazing and something keeps drawing me back to them. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s electronic dance music and I really like that. But still I feel like the songs are still extremely lacking and disjointed. I love Souda! We’re Alive and that to me should feel disjointed but it flows really well and I think that’s due to the composing. I know that the tempo changes? key changes? (i have no clue lmaooo) are deliberate in CE music but it just doesn’t work for me and feels off, like they didn’t care and just made a single that would be sufficient with the exception of the One・Two・Three single. This makes me question whether or not these songs will stand the test of time after the feeling of newness wears off.

Have the PVs improved? No. In fact I think the production value maybe even have went downhill. Look at this piece of shit:

It is a stupid slideshow with a giant moon placed in the background. Then they are greenscreened in so the appear to be going to different places. I know. I know. You are probably in shock right now since it looked so damn realistic. The glowing lights totally had me fooled. I thought that the girls were actually there! Aside from this PV most of the others seem to be shot in studio. I don’t know why companies keep pumping out studio pvs. I guess it’s because it’s cheaper? If that the case then it’s a poor reason. And no it’s not that I hate studio pvs completely it’s just that the people who produce Morning Musume PVs think it’s perfectly okay to throw a blanket in the back and call it a day for decorating the studio. Look at any kpop MV and they are a million times better because they create visual interest. Nobody can tell me that Japanese companies aren’t making enough money to do the same.

One thing I actually do that improved is the choreography. I don’t know what happened. Did they fire their old choreographer? Well anyway I always complained about how bad their choreography was in PE. Wasn’t Ambitious JapaneseJapanese the last time Natsu-sensei worked Morning Musume? She went to AKB after that right? Or am I getting it wrong? Well anyway it felt like it because the dances after that were a mess. PE dances were terrible omg. But I think that CE dances are really great. I will say that I do have one problem with them and that is that they basically consist of the same moves over and over again and to be honest sometimes the dances look more like a gym routine. However I think in a way this is a good thing and I can’t really fault the choreographers. Most of the Morning Musume members are new to the group unlike before where you have older members teaching the newer girls(POOR NONO) and obviously the old members would be used to the routines. There were also a lot less dances to learn back then. So I think having it this way is a smart move. As long as there are impactful parts during the dance it’s fine. They’ve been doing a really good job of it so far and I think that their dances are getting even better as time goes by. I’m obsessed with them and they really make Morning Musume fun again.

What has changed drastically is of course the members. All that remains of the PE is Sayumi. I don’t want to get into it in detail right now as I will save that for part 2 when I discuss my thoughts about the members but I will say that Sayumi matches extremely well with the newer girls and compliments them so it’s not a problem(in fact if you asked me i’d probably think that Sakura was the leader because she looks 100 years old and Sayu does not). That’s right, we have all new girls. I bet you know where I’m going with this.

These new young girls appear unlike the old( literally) Morning Musume, pure. Yup you knew this was coming didn’t you? I’m sorry but I can’t escape it. This is what’s missing when it comes to PE.  A sweetness, an innocent feeling. Looks alone basically all of the PE members appeared to be mature, older girls. They were allowed to wear more dramatic makeup and dye their hair, something which a normal girl their age would do. They were sexy and they were confident. They didn’t exactly radiate the virgin image regardless of if they were or not. That doesn’t matter to me personally and I have to say I enjoyed that older girls were in the group and didn’t have to pretend that they were lolis like Momoko for the rest of their idol career.

I think if iirc(idk maybe i made it up lol) Reina said something before like the secret to being a successful idol or at least one with a semi long career was to not change. I think that’s because once you lose that image of purity and naivety you are done for. It’s a product that people don’t want to buy and you can push it but it won’t work in my opinion. The idol world has taught me ever since I followed it that virginity is something you must have and appear to have. That’s just what makes a popular idol. I don’t like to think of my girls mostly as sex objects for people but I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t true.

In my opinion Sayumi fits this description perfectly. Even though she can act sexy, she always looks cute because of her doll-like features. It’s not surprising to me that she is the only remaining member from PE left because of that. Anyway when I look at the newer members they also fit that perfectly. They are black haired with little makeup. Plus with the exception of Sakura all of them are very young. That is something that PE could never be and that’s why they never sold well in my opinion. Look at the ace of any idol group and they may look different from each other but I guarantee that they’ll have similar qualities to each other. Idols are not artists in any way so you simply cannot sell well as an idol group if your group members aren’t idol material and don’t fit in with the narrow definition of what an idol is no matter how much the group is pushed

For me I just love the newness of it all. Gone is the PE Morning Musume where everything they did was lackluster. It’s refreshing now. These girls are all so lively and they make me enjoy watching them because they haven’t got to the point yet where they realize that they are ruining their lives by singing shitty songs for guys. There’s a certain attraction to that for me because even though I adored the PE girls they didn’t capture me the way that the new girls do.

This will most likely sound really cheesy and I’ll regret writing it later but I’ll say it anyway. Something about these girls really makes me happy. It’s like seeing young girls makes me happy? lmao That’s not a pedo comment it’s just that something about that youth makes me hopeful for the future? I guess that’s why Japan loves youth so much. I FINALLY UNDERSTAND IT. At my age of 50 I don’t really have anything to look forward to. Most days I’d rather not exist. I don’t want to die but I think that life is pointless in a way and I’ve reached a stage where I just don’t care anymore. I just think that I’d rather not exist if this is how it will be for my remaining 25+ years.

No matter how nonchalant or bad about life I feel they make me happy. Because their happiness, their energy is pure or at least they give off that feeling. Someone who is youthful has hope for the future and what they’ll be. Because it’s fluid, not something that is definite. When you’re a kid you have hope and dreams but when you’re an adult you have to let go of those dreams and be realistic. You have all of these expectations put on you and you are shoved into this little box of what people want you to be when in your younger life you were freer and happier. But I think idols make you feel enthusiastic about life because you feel what they are portraying and they get to transform into limitless characters and have fun and you in way can live through them. This for me is what PE never gave me. I don’t know if it had to do with their age specifically but it was more so their attitude and sad, boring concepts. I’m sure that I’ll delete this part later when I regret it enough so get your laughs in at my pathetic self while you can right now. I don’t know why I’m saying this. Maybe I hope that someone can relate to that feeling? I bet somebody can, right?

As much as I complain about how terrible CE are at performing and how they lack talent I can’t deny that in one way that’s very exciting to me. With some I do see potential and with others not so much but I can’t say for certain what will happen and that uncertainty is what keeps me so interested. I don’t even care if the production values are garbage either because right now I just really, really love the new members. I bet that they could even do PE singles and I’d feel blessed to witness it because I like the current members so much. And I bet that I’m not alone because it seems that people are blindly in love with Morning Musume these days and disregard the actual reality of things still being bad in terms of production. But who cares because when you feel that bond with someone you don’t care what they do as long as you can see them. They make everything better by just existing. Yes I’m a loser. Yes I’m a creep.

But there’s still a major question of what happened. I’ve established that the big difference between then and now is the member lineup but if that’s the case why didn’t sales go up right away? That’s right, with the inclusion of the new girls sales weren’t going up substantially like now. Personally I think people needlessly freak out about sales too much because there’s groups that sell less than 4000 copies and still turn a profit. It’s because of all of the merchandise/concerts and the fact that people are paying $20+ for a piece of plastic and a cd. But with Morning Musume, it’s more a matter of pride since their sales have always gotten them in the top 10 of Oricon for 1st week sales and C-ute’s sales were going up as well. Morning Musume is the flagship group and should always have the best sales

So back to what I was saying. Morning Musume’s sales weren’t that impressive even with the new members. They were doomed. So Tsunku took a religious trip to Israel to clear his head and One・Two・Three happened. Oh wait that was JYP AND THE TRIP STILL DID HIM NO GOOD. Seriously though when I look at the sales for One・Two・Three it’s mind boggling even though it’s a great release. That was the 50th single for Morning Musume right? So I could see people saving up to bring sales up but where the fuck did that huge jump come from? And it’s constant, not a one time thing.

I know that Morning Musume is gaining fans now because I can see it. I see girls starting to come back and I can hear them screaming at their beautiful overlord Sayu when Morning Musume performs. This is a good sign because girls aren’t obsessive freaks like guys!!! And I see them on a lot more tv shows and people talking about them more. Maybe it’s still about Love Machine or RR21 but the attention is coming back to them now. I have no doubt about that. But I wonder if right now their sales are an exaggeration and that they still are flops to a certain extent even though they are slowly building their fanbase up to overtake AKB.

You see what happened between Renai Hunter and One・Two・Three is a very simple thing. Yes of course the concept improved and the songs were amazing but that’s not what I’m referring to. The number of bsides increased. Not only that, you had to buy each copy to get the songs if you don’t steal your music online.

I’m wondering if Morning Musume is really as popular as sales suggest or if it’s a illusion. Essentially they’ve gained 100k+ fans. But that’s only if you believe that each person bought a cd. Have you looked at the perks of the cds lately? You could always win a ticket to enter a lottery to see a launch event but now there are perks like “A special box set including all editions of the single and a ticket to a group picture event was also released.” “A special box set was also released, including all versions of the single and the chance to attend a photo event where you would have your picture taken with one member, from one of two divided groups.”. COUNT ME IN. If I lived in Japan and could actually use that I’d buy so many copies of the single. This is an accurate amount:


Sadly I don’t live in Japan and it’s pointless for me to buy that many cds. However if people do live in Japan it’s great for them and I can definitely see them buying a lot of cds to get that bonus ticket. Who wouldn’t?

So yeah I’m not exactly rejoicing yet at the increase of sales because I believe there’s more to it than just a lot of people liking them now. But when I think about it I really don’t care how they gain sales just as long as it keeps happening.

The creepiest idol fan ever?

1The look of a girl who has just seen someone she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

As you all know I’ve been a fan of idols for more than 10 years and in that time I’ve met some pretty batshit fans. I swear all clingy, delusional losers flock to idols. So I thought ______444(name omitted because he thrives off of attention and I’m afraid he might kill me and then himself(for real this time) if I mention him if he’s not already locked up in a mental institution that is)was bad but recently I think I’ve found a new person to claim the title. I wasn’t going to write this as I’m trying to be nicer these days but fuck it, I kept thinking about him. It’s impossible not to once you know what he’s like and frankly I feel like he got off too easily and not many people know what a creepy fuck he is. So that’s where I come in. He says that he will ignore the haters who don’t properly understand his love for Rainbow and Jisook so I guess he’s really telling me it’s okay to write this.

Now if you know me I love Rainbow. They are one of my favourite kpop groups. There’s this site called Visual Glow and I really love and appreciate the work they do. They are an excellent source for Rainbow information if you are a fan and if you follow me on tumblr basically any time I reblog Rainbow related photos or videos there’s a good chance it’s from Visual Glow. Now I’m not one of the people who gets super involved in communities because I don’t really care. I like finding people who I enjoy and relate to so I weed out idiots who I don’t care about. So I didn’t know who ran Visual Glow or who created and didn’t care. I respected what they did and left it at that. That was until Rainbow appeared on a certain show with Visual Glow staff. Truthfully I wish I didn’t know because it almost ruins their hard work for me and I don’t want it to.

There’s this show called After School Club(ASC) that airs on Arirang. The Arirang connection is enough to tell you that it’s a piece of shit but I will further embellish. It’s basically a live show where they host a guest and translate everything into English so everyone understands. There’s two hosts Hanbyul and Eric. They will proudly say that they are the first show ever to have interactions like this and are so unique and creative but that’s bullshit and they should be ashamed of themselves for saying that. It is in every way a horrid, scripted ripoff of the Gurupop Show with the best hosts ever, San E(who was formerly in JYP I will never let him forget it) and Daniel(who is a member of Dalmatian or DMTN because Dalmatian is embarrassing)who is mostly known for this. Gurupop is dead now and it’s really sad because I loved that site and the show and if anyone deserves success it’s them. But I guess that’s life, right? Not everything works out and all that’s left is ASC.

I’ll be honest, ASC is so terrible that I find it hard to bring myself to watch it. It streams at a bad time for me and the idols can’t make watching this snoozefest worth it. They do nothing but interact with fans and not in the way the Gurupop Show used to. This is live and scripted. This is awkward and boring as fuck and awkward. It’s great that they do this for fans and I really appreciate it but no one wants to watch idols mouth words. It’s not fun, disingenuous, and without heart. I wasn’t going to watch the Rainbow show either. But then Tommy Christopher happened. I watched the show and couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. My reaction was a mix of horror, disgust, and shock.


They actually choose who to put through as well so it’s obvious that this psychotic freak only got through because of who he is. You see Tommy Christopher is the owner and creator of my beloved Visual Glow. You all need to watch this so I’ve linked the video and the Tommy Christopher part starts at 15:30.

I’ll recap a bit if you don’t want to watch but I think you really need to see it to believe it. Pictures only say so much and I mean your life would be ruined if you didn’t hear his heavy lustful breathing while he tries hard not to cum himself when he’s talking to Rainbow. I wish I could say this was my first time experiencing something like this but nope. Thanks idol fandom!

Anyway basically what happens is he appears and everyone is creeped out by him. I’m not even joking. Nobody even wanted him there, not Rainbow, not the hosts. It’s quite apparent.

First off he is the only old one there. That makes him stand out and in a bad way. Although he says “no one seems to believe me when I tell them my age LOL everyone thinks I am younger’ he looks 30+++. Now there’s nothing initially wrong with being old and you know sometimes I do feel bad for old guys who like idols because maybe they mightn’t be so bad. I know there’s lots of annoying fangirls who I want to kill because I hate them so much. They get a free pass because they are young and female but they are seriously some of the worst idols fans I’ve come across.

Personally I don’t care that much but really when you get a certain age people will wonder why you like this or that and there’s a point when it becomes unacceptable. Why are they doing this? Why don’t they get a girlfriend? You know this sort of thing. And again it’s not a casual fan type thing it’s an obsession. If you are a 12 year old with an obsession it’s okay because all 12 year olds are idiots but when you hit 30+ it’s starting to look sad. So if you are old and don’t want to be frowned upon you better look like Joongki, Keanu, Jared Leto or Bin Bons.

You’ll get lucky if you are a jpop fan because it’s basically all old men stanning lolis. But kpop is a different creature. Basically people the age of idols and younger enjoy them. The usual people that come on there are crying Malaysian girls or South American girls screaming at their oppas to come visit them. But no today it was Tommy Christopher.


At this point when Jisook is thanking him for Visual Glow(NOTE: not for being Tommy Christopher)she gives an extremely wide smile and starts batting her eyelashes at him.5

Jaekyung after thanking him breaks into laughter and cute eye smiling for no reason. Then she moves her shoulders back and forth cutely.

These are not natural reactions. This is aegyo. It’s done to please and attract him. If a girl is truly interested in a guy imo she would never do this. I’m no expert in body language but I do think I know enough to know when someone is comfortable around someone or likes someone.

3After the formalities this was basically Rainbow’s expression throughout. Unhappy and quiet. And yes I know they smiled occasionally and acted cute but it is their jobs to do that. And really if someone who looked like that at his age kept giggling,stuttering and breathing heavily would you want to interact with them? I don’t think so.

2It’s important to note the posture difference. They are leaning forward and their posture is more relaxed. It’s a good sign to tell us that this is a more natural state. They are gorgeous girls but they don’t particularly have their best angles as they throw their heads back or forth while laughing. They are more relaxed and less concerned about keeping up the idol act.

Wait I guess I was wrong. They really seem happy here. Is it because of Tommy Christopher? Yes! Well it’s because the host was making fun of him. He asked for all of the members of Rainbow to follow the Visual Glow twitter account. So they agreed and Hanbyul said “They like you now. They didn’t really like you before but they do now. Make sure they don’t unfollow you.” And at that moment I died. Rainbow laughed too and honestly it was the biggest reaction I saw from them. It seemed real and not like their normal aegyo. It really speaks volumes about how they view him.

5This was the best part of his time there. What a fuck up. Okay because they know what a creep he is DSP/Rainbow decided to fuel his psychotic delusions so he will keep promoting Rainbow internationally and give him several exclusive Rainbow items if he gets a few very, very easy questions right. They never do this in ASC so it was basically for that reason. He’s asked to name 3 of Rainbow’s song. Super easy right? Especially for the best Rainbow fan ever. No. He actually managed to fuck up so hard it astounds me. So he starts of with A. Good job Tommy that’s correct! But then the idiot means to say Mach but says MA-CHI. Um what is that? I’m sorry but you aren’t a super fan like you claim if you can’t even get their singles right. They have probably said it multiple times in introduction and bts videos. It’s priceless to see Rainbow’s faces drop when they don’t understand what he is saying and Hanbyul even asks “What was that?” but no he presses on with his heavy breathing and after he says “Sweet Dream and To Me” he giggles to himself for a job well done. So god damn awkward OH MY GOD.

I wish I could stop there but no there’s another gem.

1Because he isn’t creepy enough he asks Rainbow to sing for him. If you know the song Sunshine, Rainbow has a line Go Jerry Go Jerry Go Jerry boy. He asks Rainbow to replace that with his name. Well that’s not scary at all! But that’s not all. No. Tommy Christopher starts stumbling over the words singing Sunshine and Rainbow are forced to sing Go Tommy Go Tommy Go Tommy boy with a smile on their face as if this is somehow a normal interaction.

I think the best tell that Rainbow hates him is when Tommy leaves how the atmosphere changes. The hosts stop making fun of the guest and everyone seems to be more relaxed. Rainbow stops doing a lot of aegyo. The first girl who translates for Visual Glow they even call cute. Where was Tommy Christopher’s compliment? Oh that’s right he didn’t get one.


Now she’s an adorable fan and one that Rainbow is lucky to have.

As well ASC had a recap episode a few weeks after and they practically showed everyone except Tommy Christopher talking to the idols they’ve had on the show. Why? Well we all know why. It’s because they didn’t want to advertise their show like that. It’s not a good image for ASC to put on freaks like him and even they wanted to forget it happened. I bet DSP asked them to get Tommy Christopher on the show tbh.

After this episode aired my friends and I weren’t the only people to notice how much of a creep Tommy was. From what I can remember he got a ton of hate and had a mini breakdown closing Visual Glow. But after a while he opened it again and was back to being his good old stalker self. Here he is trying to defend himself on the ASC show.

“Thinking that Ji Sook is lucky to have me as a fan, that I spoil her (and that your jealous of it haha) and thinking I am her best fan. Not making fun of my love and determination to win Ji Sook’s heart, but rather believe I can do it and ship SooMy ><

I’ll never understand why some of you are always like OMG when I respond to you though. I’m nothing special, but it is kinda cute. I’ll always be a expressive, appreciative, thankful open and honest person hehe.
After School Club was a nice beginning and helped lessen the wait, but it was also very limited as I couldn’t truly be myself on the show. The environment wasn’t entirely right because of the script I was given, the script Rainbow was given, the time of the show was early for me so I didn’t have much sleep, the show goes by so quick, ect. ect. nothing will beat the spazzy reaction Rainbow did when they noticed me during rehearsals because that was entirely off script and Rainbow got to be themselves without having to look at cards during the show.

One day I will meet Rainbow in person where I can be myself and Woo Ri will also be there. Remember she was missing on ASC so I have not truly met all of Rainbow just yet!! Sorry I write and ramble on alot I know I know.”

“nothing will beat the spazzy reaction Rainbow did when they noticed me during rehearsals because that was entirely off script ” Wow how unfortunate that was that he didn’t capture that moment. You might think I’m about to rip him apart for that but no I understand completely. You see just the other week I flew to Japan and had a wonderful time at a karaoke party with H!P, SMTown and Passpo. You won’t believe it when I tell you because it was the darnedest thing ever. All of the H!P girls were singing AKB songs! It was the greatest moment of my life but of course I couldn’t capture it, ugh GDI.

I’ve watched other episodes of ASC and there’s no excuse for the way he acted. I understand that someone meeting their favourite group is a big deal and they are probably going to be nervous and I expect that when I watch. However he was heavily breathing and sweating like he had just been in a marathon. Umm what even? Like I know he’s old but damn my 80 year old grandpa breathes better than that.  How did the cue cards impact it? Wouldn’t that help because they just have to be read? There’s no thinking with that. Even Rainbow who doesn’t know English could do it better than him. And he says the environment wasn’t right. Yeah okay, I wonder why. Maybe he should stop blaming the elements and just blame himself for being so awkward because the only problem there on that show was him.

You might think I’m being too harsh on the guy but nope. In fact he’s even worse on other sites. Just look at some of the tweets he makes. ugh

ugh3 ugh4 ugh1 ugh2Can you say delusional? And that’s not all. He used to have a thread on Visual Glow entitled The Soomy thread but it seems it was deleted as all mentions of Soomy. But you know what they say about the internet. So here’s a few things he wrote. This I believe is the original post in the Soomy thread if I recall correctly. I don’t know why he deleted it when he doesn’t care if people call him insane because he’s totally not but whatever here it is!

Why Ji Sook?

Someone asked me this, but I deleted the question by mistake.

When I first saw Jisook as a trainee under DSP around 2008 and rumored to be in Rainbow at the time, I thought she was cute and set my mind to her being my favorite member. Then I joined the Aurora 7 staff and was named the moderator of her section.

Upon Rainbow’s debut, Aurora 7 changed it’s name to Prismatic 7 and the Gossip Girl music video came out. It was after the music video I knew I made the right choice and since then I’ve been devoted to her. She’s never been budged from the top spot in my ranking. I’m entirely loyal to her throughout the years. Anyone who has known me for a long time has known how long I’ve been showing my love sololy for her. I’ve stuck through it all.

I care for all of Rainbow. They all mean alot to me and I love them all for different things. Just they don’t get that special feeling I have for Ji Sook. I love them more as beautiful sisters. My rank order has changed over the years. I think right now No Eul be 2nd, Yoon Hye 3rd and I got no clue after that LOL

I love Ji Sook for her personality. She’s cute, caring, creative, artistic, mischievous, always having fun, dorky, sincere, hardworking, sometimes a tomboy and more. She has a great bond with her family too. I love her handwriting too. I have horrible handwriting even though I love to write LOL I love her cooking and desserts too.

I would say my love for her has kept growing throughout the years. She has helped make me happy on a daily basis and got me out of some dark times. I owe so much to her as she’s really turned me around as a person.

Because of her doing I always believe whatever you set your mind to can happen and what is meant to be will happen. I’m usually a shy person and don’t want to try new things, but Ji Sook has the power to turn me around. Something no other girl or my family has ever had. Even my ex. I’ll do anything for her and she gives me confidence.

The happiness really started with her being fixed on SBS Youngstreet and has continued since.

After Gossip Girl/Not Your Girl promotions had ended, Rainbow went on a long hiatus. Prismatic 7 was dead until “A” came out. I was always alone, but Ji Sook got me through it with Youngstreet and Y-Star Top 10 News. I was a getting a bit spoiled with both programs being out at same time and involving her really LOL but yea that started the whole thing.

Over the years, I’ve given gifts to her and she has shared thankfulness back. It has really developed into a special bond between us.

I know I mean alot to her and since the days of Prismatic 7 all I’ve ever heard was ‘Tommy your such a different type of fanboy and Ji Sook is lucky to have you as a fan’ >_<

I do know Ji Sook considers me a precious fan of hers and that she got jealous over No Eul getting something from Visual Glow before her because well she knows I am creator. Part of the reason she supports our site so much is because of this too.

As for my username SookieBunnie, I originally made it back in March 2010 because Ji Sook always used bunnies as her Cyworld background. That is the original origin, but it has had several other instances that make the name it’s name even after it was created. The first tweet she sent to me was her laughing at a bunny gif I sent her. The first gift I ever gave her was a green plush bunny that I named after my username. So SookieBunnie has alot of history and meaning to it. Because it’s become so associated to the fandom I refuse to change it for that reason besides it’s history.

I feel like I already play the role of her supportive boyfriend by running a international fansite for her group, now only if she accept my heart and make it official LOL though no one would know because I’d remain quiet about it and act like I’ve always had prior ^^ I’m extremely protective of her and her family.

A few weeks ago I said Sookie will design our official logo you’ll see. Sure enough she now is going to do it. She asked for my e-mail. I dunno how she plans to e-mail me, but if it is her own e-mail, well I’m not giving it out for her own privacy.

One day Sookie will accept my heart you’ll see kekeke

I’m a extremely determined person and I go after my goals until they come true. Once my mind is set on something I’m basically a go getter and never give up until it happens.

This is why Visual Glow has been blessed alot of times in the past. When it comes to Rainbow, everytime I’ve set a goal I have seen it happen.

If Sunye in Wonder Girls can marry someone non-famous from Canada then why can’t I have something special with Ji Sook? 😛 We already have a special connection, so it can’t be counted out ^^

A little story. When I was my ex of almost 8 years before we were together, we were into roleplaying. We make up characters, pick a face, give them their own backstory and personalities, usually similar to our own. It was one day during a scene we were writing together that we started to feel emotions for each other and it blossomed into those nearly 8 years together. So I’ve had something like this happen before too LOL

Ji Sook and me are both expressive writers who like to share our emotions and thanks xD

Sometimes I feel like I’ve been doing this for the fandom for so long that bigger things are meant for me…

I am learning Korean for her and also know she enjoys foreign music and films…

Plus, we both like pizza (both of us can eat a whole one alone) and icecream!

I really don’t think anything can be counted out with my past, how I am in terms of determination, our already special connection, ect. ect.

I do know I’m her ultimate fanboy and can not be topped. Especially after so many years and after all I’ve done heh.

He really thinks he is the one for Jisook. I can’t. It’s so disgusting. Here’s my rebuttal to that delusional piece of shit.

Why Tommy Christopher?

  • Because’s he rich.

Oh wait no he isn’t. As far as I know he has a job a Kmart or some minimum wage job. I’m pretty sure because he said he doesn’t have a degree and can’t afford a plane ticket. Now I’m not here to shit on people who work really hard and get paid nothing for it, I’m here to shit on Tommy Christopher who is delusional and thinks he has a chance with Jisook so please don’t take this the wrong way. If a girl had a choice between someone who was rich and not rich they will often go for the richer person. Of course money makes a guy attractive to a girl. That’s shallow but money makes people happy because they can buy what they want and there’s no stress involved. No one would object to their significant other getting a 100k raise.

So why should a girl as beautiful as Jisook settle for a lowly Kmart employee? She can do much better. Girls want doctors, lawyers, and engineers. People who can make a lot of money and treat them all of the time, not a person who makes
minimum wage and struggles to live.

  • Because he’s attractive.
BRK7lF0CAAEwrxa.png largeOne of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn’t belong, Can you tell which thing is not like the others By the time I finish my song?

Again nope. Okay he’s not deformed or Benedict Cumberbatch but that’s not exactly a win. He has beady, Aika eyes and a ugly protruding nose that eats his face. And remember he is working his angles to look cute here. He probably looks like a cave troll irl. He looks constantly greasy and like he sniffs women’s underwear while giggling to himself like he did on ASC. Plus even though he says everyone says he looks younger than he is in a desperate attempt to fit in with other Kpop fans, he looks 40+. I don’t know if Jisook has daddy issues but looking old is probably a turn off for most girls and yeah I’ll be the first to say that there are hot guys who are older/look older but it sure isn’t him.

Jisook is an idol who is surrounded by beautiful, beautiful guys(girls? idk she could be gay too i’m not counting that out) with pretty faces and amazing bodies but no she wants to fuck some average guy. Yeah right. This right here is enough to confirm that he is completely crazy or maybe blind. How he has enough good taste to recognize how good looking Jisook is and not enough to see how bad looking he is, well it’s totally beyond me.

  • Because he’s cool.

Okay I understand that being cool can do a lot for a girl. Look at GD and TOP. They are cocky and can put on the ugliest shit ever and make it work for them. But Tommy Christopher? I just said that he looks like he sniffs women’s underwear while giggling to himself like he did on ASC. That tells you what kind of person I think he is. A total loser.

  • Because of his amazing personality.

  • Because they have lots in common.

No. They are two different people who have different careers and paths in life. She’s an idol. How can he relate to that? To know what she deals with? He knows what she says she likes. So what? They’ve never met before and only have talked together because she was forced to because of Rainbow’s activities. It’s also not valid if he approaches her and they end up talking because she wants to keep her good image. And you know what? They can’t even have a conversation because they speak two different languages. It is crazy how Tommy thinks this is what Jisook would truly want. To not understand the love of her life. But I guess if he understood that he would have to admit that maybe just maybe Jisook would have no interest in fucking and marrying a loser who should be locked in a psych ward for life.

  • Because he’s talented.

Sorry, being a great stalker does not qualify. I meant things like knowing multiple languages, being good at dancing, singing, rapping, playing instruments, writing, composing, etc. Hey aren’t those things idols do? Why yes I think they are. But no Jisook would not be attracted to them and content with gorgeous, talented boys who speak her own language and can relate to her, she needs Tommy Christopher.

  • Because he’s a huge fan.gurl no

No one cares. But the nerve of him. He is seriously so disgusting and there’s nothing I hate more than a person who claims they are the number one fan of something and parade it around like they deserve some sort of fucking award. People like that should be burned alive and I doubt they even care about what they stan. Like there’s this fan of jpop and fuck, she changes her favourite group every month or so to whatever she thinks will make her better than everyone else. That’s not loving something that’s just being pathetic and desperate for attention. But oops I got off topic slightly.

Adding this picture mostly because of the Ship Soomy. lol What even? I would be embarrassed to write that. I don’t even know what to make of that because it’s probably the single most pathetic thing I’ve ever come across in my life. It’s akin to those people who give themselves nicknames and try to make slang happen. He is a grown ass man trying to get teenagers to ship him with Jisook to support his delusions. Nobody even ships people besides 12 year old girls wanting to see two guys fuck. And who ships themselves with someone in a serious manner? I want to set that disgusting ship to sea and sink it quicker than the Titanic. I just can’t get over his audacity to think that he is good enough for Jisook when not even an average woman would want him.

“If Sunye in Wonder Girls can marry someone non-famous from Canada then why can’t I have something special with Ji Sook?”

Oh seriously fuck off.

Okay yes Sunye got married to someone she met but he was far from am ugly loser with a shitty job who gets asked if he’s autistic and he was no delusional fan either who lives for Rainbow to say “We know when his name was mentioned” and their fake excitement. Sunye’s husband is attractive, he comes from a rich family. That’s not all, I can’t find the article exactly but I know that he’s very smart with a good education and I think he knows several languages. Plus he spends his life doing missionary work. he’s basically as close to perfect as you can get and someone girls would fight over to be with. Tommy Christopher’s only perk is that he’s alive.

See contrary to what Tommy Christopher believes, how normal relationship’s work is the guy and the girl have a mutual liking. The guy does not pick out the girl and she must accept because he really, really likes her and HE feels a “special” connection.

Which one would you rather be with?

sexy81032043Even though the James picture is blurry he is way more attractive than Tommy Christopher. And that’s just how he looks. We aren’t counting anything else. But no, Tommy Christopher thinks he’s comparable to James. What a joke. How is he not ashamed? I’m even getting tired of saying he’s pathetic because I’ve been saying it too much. I mean he’s not even the most fuckable out of these two people, how would he even compete with ten people let alone hundreds of thousands? But nooo Jisook would totally want him even though she’s spoiled for choice.

But I guess I’m just a jealous hater.

“I would like to send a special thank you to the following fans that I follow and talk to on Twitter.

You guys are all the best. Always supporting me. Always believing in me. Knowing I am not what some like to claim out of jealously and not knowing me well. Helping me when I need it the most and putting up with me.”

“I’m a new owner of Visual Glow now. The old Tommy who let his emotions get the best of him, who was too reactive and didn’t think straight during those reactions is no more. After my last episode of haters getting to me, I’ve realized there is more good then bad, especially after Rainbow’s reaction on Sound K and promoters starting to reach out to me. I have more love then I do hate.

As Rainbow and our site become more known, the hate will just grow of course, but it will never be defeated by the love. My love is a lie if I let them get to me. Especially since so many of them are younger then me, jealous and do not know me well or experience what we do to know. Too many rely on me in both Rainbow themselves and fans. I have alot of responsibility on my hands and I must hold up to it. Plus, me not being my energetic positive self is not good for anyone. Me, Rainbow, my staff, my friends, fans, ect. ect. I will do my best to fight for this fandom and remain my regular myself. I will not let negative influences be in my way or control me and my behavior anymore. Can not afford to let them.”

I don’t even know where to start with this. There’s just so much wrong with it.

“Especially since so many of them are younger then me, jealous and do not know me well or experience what we do to know.”

Um no. They are actually quite smart because some of them petitioned to get him restrained from Jisook. Meanwhile he is the one telling people to ship Soomy. He shouldn’t state that younger people don’t know better and are stupid if he’s almost 30 years old and way more immature than them.

And the fact that he thinks people are jealous of him kills me. I don’t think most people want to be known as a stalker of their favourite group and I also don’t think people want to be that person who harasses a group until they are forced to pay attention to him to keep a good image. For someone who says he is so mature, Tommy Christopher acts awfully immature. Jealousy is something your mother tells you people are when you are 6 and she wants to spare your feelings. Jealousy would be hating Tommy Christopher for talking to Rainbow. Jealousy is not just hating Tommy Christopher because he’s a creep and rightfully deserves it because of his actions. That fails to be jealousy because you are not envious of that person. To be jealous of just Tommy Christopher would mean that we are envious of his god-like beauty or his fabulous life as a rich socialite which lol no one is because it doesn’t fucking exist.

It’s funny that he thinks everyone is jealous of his success but fails to realize that no one cares about the other people that appeared on the ASC show. It’s a flaw in his logic but he thinks he can seduce Jisook so I’ll cut him some slack. He obviously just chooses to believe what suits him best regardless of if it’s reality or not. It’s not his connections or perks that people care about it’s the fact that he’s a psychotic freak. When people start insulting the Visual Glow staff as much as they do him I’ll see his side but we all know that it only happens to him because other staff members don’t give people a reason to hate them.

I personally don’t think hate is such a bad thing. Sometimes being hated is good. Or more like hate is deserved. Hate can be a way to tell you that you are doing something people don’t like. Whether you choose to do something about that and change yourself is up to you. But a lot of times I don’t think hate is unfounded especially when we are talking about IRL people and not idols. I think if you are a person like Tommy Christopher and gets a lot of hate it’s understandable. But he is too idiotic to realize or doesn’t want to accept that he is wrong and being a creep so he place the fault on everyone who judges him.

That’s fine, it’s perfectly his right to do so but the thing Tommy Christopher fails to get is that he can change how he thinks but reality is reality and until he changes he will always be that pathetic creepy guy to everyone including Rainbow and Jisook. Plus the longer he keeps this up the more people will view him as that person and the more he is damaging his own image. In fact I’m not even sure it can be saved now. Tommy Christopher thinks all of these people are against him but really it is only him hurting himself and Rainbow’s image and people are just trying to help him by telling him what a freak he is.

I feel so bad for Rainbow. They have this sad person attached to their name and that if you are a fan of Rainbow you will come in contact with him at some point. Tommy Christopher thinks that because Rainbow responds to him on shows and because they know of him and do aegyo means that they genuinely love him. I mean what does he expect them to do? Say that they hate him if they do? Would Tommy Christopher believe me if I said I love him? Because that would be a lie. I would hope not but you never know. How can he take Rainbow liking him as fact but ignore that they are paid to do this and have no other options?

It’s Rainbow’s job to do this. Whether they like to or not is something that they aren’t allowed to discuss. I notice that Rainbow tries very hard to keep all of their fans happy. Their fans support them and make them who they are. Without the fans they wouldn’t exist. They can’t keep making money or sing and dance if they don’t keep their fans happy. They aren’t allowed to pick and choose who they want to be their fans. They just have to grin and bear it even if all of their fans are psychos.

“For the last few weeks I have great conversations with a promoter. What originally started off as talking about bringing Rainbow to a K-Pop event grew into something larger. I’m happy for my conversations with them. They understand fans like myself really well. My passion, what I want to do, what type of fan I am, my love and dedication, my struggles with some rude fans, my love for Jisook, ect. ect. they just get me entirely and it’s been real nice to sit down and talk to them. I’ve had nice fans more so then rude ones over the years, but not many could quiet understand me and my motives and goals. Only a select few, so it was nice to find someone like them to talk to. They told me it’s amazing all I’ve achieved despite the language barrier.”

Of course businesses will support him. They will say they understand him perfectly and stress that he is not psychotic. Especially DSP. It’s great that Kpop companies will work with fans but it’s only because they understand that foreign fans are important and can be quite lucrative. Tommy Christopher owns Visual Glow and gives Rainbow free press so of course DSP(and Rainbow) wants to please him. Visual Glow is really the only fansite I can think of when it comes to Rainbow now. DSP cares about those fans, why? Well obviously because of money. That’s right. Fans are nothing but money makers to company. So as long as you are spending money they don’t care what you are like. If Visual Glow was shut down that would be very bad for DSP. Rainbow fans wouldn’t have any idea about what Rainbow was doing, etc. They might lose interest and DSP would lose money if these fans didn’t keep supporting them.

If Visual Glow was to cease existing it would be problematic for DSP and like I said they could lose money. Since they care about money more than anything they don’t care about Rainbow’s happiness. It’s as simple as that. And it can’t even be questioned because look at DSP’s track record. The successful acts leave the company and Kara tried to but were scared of being JYJed imo. I know how hard Kara suffered going back and forth between Japan and Korea and I don’t know how anyone can say DSP cares about their artists after that. There is working extremely hard and then there’s abuse. Plus Kara is DSP’s only big group and if they treated them like that then I don’t even want to see how they’d treat a smaller group like Rainbow. DSP doesn’t care if Rainbow has to entertain a few delusional fans who think they are in love.

I don’t have a problem which Tommy Christopher loving Jisook. I think loving someone or having a crush(which is probably the more appropriate term for this case) is a good thing. The world is terrible and you might as well make yourself happy. Loving someone can feel so great and motivate you to become a better person. There’s nothing wrong with that and if someone makes you more positive it certainly can’t be bad.

I don’t exactly know how to describe love properly but I think loving someone whether platonically or romantically is sheer happiness. It’s like when you see that person you couldn’t be happier and no matter what they do every little thing about them attracts you, enchants you. I don’t know what separates this from liking someone. Maybe a feeling of an intense connection? A belonging to that person? Does that makes sense?

Like you feel so connected to that person that when you are apart from them you can’t stop thinking about them because it not only feels like you have lost that person but a part of yourself. And there’s nothing you want more to be reunited because that person makes you so happy. That’s what I think love is but I guess you can define it however.

I couldn’t care less if someone dreams about marrying someone and spend the rest of their lives with that person or dreams about fucking someone all day and masturbates to the idea of it. It’s okay to do that as long as you see it for what it is and do not project your feelings on that person. Fair enough if you know the person you like and think they might like you back but we are talking about Tommy Christopher and an idol.

I do think it’s possible to love someone you’ve never met and when I think about it I can’t really deny that idol fans feel love towards their idols. You do have your casual fans but I know people who will literally spend 6 hours+++ stalking and talking about the person they like. I can’t say that what the feel isn’t love because to be honest I’ve seen couples less dedicated to each other than fans to their idols.

But usually fans will realize that this kind of love is one sided and they also realize the best thing that can happen to them is that they see their oppas at a fansigning. Sure they might dream about it before it happens and think that they will be different. They might think that they will attract him because of the bond they feel and he will somehow secretly signal his love right then and there. But we all know that when they get there that they’ll be met will the cold harsh reality that they are just a fan, a nobody to their love and that person they adored might even ignore/hate them.

This is why when you love an idol it should be entirely selfless. When you are expecting something to come out of it you are setting that relationship up for failure(unless you are hot girl and want to fuck 2pm or get choked by Seungri oppar that is)because nothing is going to happen and that relationship is going absolutely nowhere. That person you love is a figment of your imagination and the thoughts and ideas you impress on whoever they like.

Tommy Christopher’s disregard for this frankly disgusts me. It’s persistent and gross. The way he phrases things sounds like he seriously believes that one day if he tries hard enough, Jisook will love him. This is disregarding that Jisook is a person with ideas of her own and only taking into consideration what Tommy Christopher desires which is so not okay. If he actually cared about Jisook wanted he would back off and stop being a fan of Rainbow so he wouldn’t taint them. But again the problem with this is Tommy helps promote Rainbow so Rainbow needs him. I’m sure he knows this too which makes it even more cringeworthy because again Jisook has to be nice to him and can’t tell him to go away. It’s essentially a very smart way to trap Rainbow into paying attention to him. He became important and dedicated to get what he wanted.

Without Visual Glow he would be a nobody. Tommy Christopher works hard on Visual Glow because he wants to get noticed by Rainbow so he get more points from Jisook. If he wanted a true love from Jisook why should he have to work so hard running her pr unit? It’s ridiculous. By that logic she would hate him if he gave it up and that’s not love. That’s a pathetic attempt at trying to force someone to love him by impressing her because if she really wanted to get to know him she would have made the effort. AND NO SENDING GIFTS TO HER AND CALLING IT A SPECIAL BOND YOU SHARE DOES NOT FUCKING COUNT.

I’ve been rambling on for long enough so I’ll shut up soon but something about this is so horrific and off. He can want what he wants but to deny the reality of the situation is what scares me. I feel like if he had the opportunity he’d try to get her to love him no matter what. I don’t know if any of you like myself are 80 years old and watch old movies but I do and it seriously reminds of one of my favourite movies, The Collector(which is based on the novel). What happens is that this guy chloroforms this beautiful girl and locks her in a room because he is in love with her and wants her to fall in love with him but obviously she doesn’t want to because he’s a freak and you can’t force a woman to love you. This sounds exactly like something Tommy Christopher would do, he’s exactly like that guy in every way except that Terrance Stamp is attractive. I’m seriously scared for Jisook. Girl get yourself a restraining order against him.

PSY Conquers the West

Lol Nope.

Anyway if you had said to me that PSY would be the one debuting or known in an America I would have laughed my ass off at that. PSY wasn’t even preparing to debut in America. And yet here we are.

I am a casual fan of PSY so I would watch Gangnam Style frequently and I saw the views going up. People on omona were saying that others who have never heard of Kpop were talking about it but I didn’t realize what was going to happen. Until one day. I will never forget it. It was the first time anyone besides me had known about an Asian group without me telling them and that I conversed(I say this because some Asian guy totally heard me playing SNSD on the bus one time and deliberately came over to listen to the SNSD I was playing. YOU SHOULD HAVE TALKED TO ME YOU ASSHOLE. WE COULD HAVE STANNED THEM TOGETHER. YOU COULD HAVE YOONA, TIFFANY, TAEYEON AND SICA. WHO ELSE WOULD BE SO KIND?)with someone.

So cue my over dramatic retelling of a boring ass scene. You should probably skip over this right now if you love yourself. It was a beautiful sunny day. My cousin who lives like 8 hours away had just come over to visit. He had brought his girlfriend. It was my first time meeting her. It was awkward as fuck. We barely looked at each other and talked through our common ground, my cousin. Clearly we are social butterflies. She had left to use the bathroom. See isn’t this such a beautiful story that needs to be shared? I think so. You should be so happy to be graced with my master storytelling. I’m never awkward with my cousin but for some reason it was kind of awkward and we had talked about something and stopped. Cue awkward silence. Since I could feel the awkwardness I diverted my my gaze and stared and the table we were seated at tracing the wood grain with my fingers. So interesting, right? Okay I am getting to it now.

That is when I heard it. My cousin said “Op op” to break the silence but then he spoke talking about some random shit. Now to the normal person this mightn’t mean anything. But to me who is a loser, who has songs constantly stuck in her head, who had Gangnam Style stuck in her head for the last week or so I knew exactly what he was referencing.

I made him backtrack and blurted out “Did you just sing Gangnam Style?! WHAT?!” and he replied yes. We went on to discuss it a bit but mostly talked about how Hyuna is hot. Oh and he didn’t even know about 4minute loool. HYUNA GO SOLO FFS. Now he is sort of a weeaboo(I got him hooked on old quality Perfume and he has got numerous friends and his girlfriend hooked on it.)so it wasn’t that shocking that he knew but still I WAS NOT THE ONE SHOWING HIM IT. Some normal person had actually viewed it and showed Gangnam Style to him and his girlfriend. Oh and btw he also talked about this idiot at his college who loved kpop because the girls were hot and liked some group called “Tara”. lololol

That’s when I knew it would get big. It hit me. Now almost every single person whether or not they are technology inclined knows of it. I’m sure PSY is making bank and even though every one seems to know about it still doesn’t in anyway make him well known.

You see white people by nature are boring as fuck. They have no culture to reference and aren’t oppressed(although they try to make up ridiculous life struggles and are dying to be oppressed) so they resort to doing stupid shit like baking a batch of period blood cookies. No I didn’t make that up. Since they are so boring, they crave a culture to grab onto every now and then they take it for their own amusement to pretend that they aren’t basic as hell. There has always been a foreigner/group who breaks on the scene when white people want something different. It doesn’t mean they respect them or PSY in anyway at all.

When I look at PSY I wouldn’t necessarily say he was good looking. I don’t mean to be a bitch but sorry I think it’s true(and btw that doesn’t mean I think less of him because of it and he doesn’t act annoying like Aika) and even he knows it which is why he has adopted this funny character. It’s like if you have ever seen Norazo on a music show you know that those bitches can sing but unfortunately they will never be able to become serious singers so they act funny. Or you could say it’s akin to Lady Gaga as well. You take this girl with dopey eyes and a huge nose and obviously she isn’t going nowhere but make her fabulous and “odd” and everyone loves her.

Pop culture reflects how society feels about everything. You only have to look at who gets casted to see what goes on in society. With Asians(or at least males) we view them as jokes. The guys are nerds(who are good at math and play the piano and/or the violin) with small penises who are always going after attractive girls. The girls have it slightly better but only because we don’t accept ugly women that are losers in the first place. They are usually the exotic~ super attractive interests of the main character when he goes to some foreign place or a surgeon or lawyer with some Kung fu skills.

As you can see PSY comfortably fits into the box we give Asian males and therefore we accept him. He isn’t GODfrey Gao and he looks like an absolute loser who couldn’t get a girl if his life depended on it. Oh and he probably has a small penis. We mustn’t forget that.

It’s absolutely hilarious to us because he does everything that an Asian man shouldn’t and is a big joke as a result. Look at that stupid Asian guy trying to get those girls and acting like he’s a boss. But he can’t be because he’s Asian! He’s going to be a virgin forever and have animu waifus! AHAHAHAHA!!!!!! White people are so much better! God, I love this crazy Japanese guy, he’s a riot.

That is why PSY is succeeding and not the Wonder Flops, or SNSD. When a Asian artist takes themselves seriously and genuinely tries to make something of themselves, it fails. I guess you could argue that the dance is the main attraction to the song but there have been in my opinion catchier dances out there or at the very least the dances are on par with Gangnam Style. If PSY genuinely acted like the rest of those American stars it wouldn’t work. He could do whatever dance he wanted and if he tried acting sexy, into drugs and getting lots of girls people would ignore it and like I said it’s because we don’t take Asian people seriously or think they are on the same level as us which is so sad.

With PSY’s song the stars just magically aligned and he got lucky. Decent song that sticks in your head, fantastic dance, funny MV, and a weird, ugly Asian guy who spends his time being a total loser who acts like he’s hot shit while the attractive girls hate him(except for Hyuna but by then we don’t care because she’s gorgeous and that’s all we notice). All of this worked in his favour and best of all he didn’t even try to make an international hit. He uploaded his video on YouTube in full in HD like all Korean artists do and the Kpop stans started watching the fuck out of it until it got featured and the craze happened.

Let’s be real, the public doesn’t care about him. He’s their flavour of the week. My mom loves PSY now probably only because she knows I like Asian things lmao and it’s one of the few things she knows I like in the mainstream but if I asked her to name her top 2 PSY songs she wouldn’t be able to answer. Most people wouldn’t be able to answer and a lot of them only know him as that crazy Chinese guy with the horse dance.

I pray to Shisus that he won’t be a one hit wonder and will open the floodgates but I highly doubt it. At the very least if I find his album in store I will be buying it. I don’t care if it’s a bigger flop than Exodus(although tbh that was amazing if you pretend you don’t know English) it’s going to be mine. And listen you dumbass weeaboos even if you are JEALOUS that it’s not AKB up there(and for a good reason, it’s not in vogue to be a pedo here)it’s still great and you should support it. I don’t care if you like Kpop or just Jpop and hate PSY, if it’s $10 you should buy it. We are a small knit community but if we show demand for Asian acts and support the artists maybe that will lead to AKB performing on David Letterman or something. And who doesn’t want to see America confused as hell trying to figure out 300 Japanese girls dressed in school uniforms flashing their panties? I know I do.

Anyway if nothing else PSY himself is rich and the exposure for our Asian worshiping community is great.  While Asian acts will never be respected(I mean black people are fairly mainstream in movies and such and they are still cast as token black people)it’s a good step in the right direction to get them more exposed to whities.



Well I was going to write/was working on a lovely post on what I thought of the finalists but I didn’t have time because they seemed to announce it really quickly. Probably so we wouldn’t dwell on the awesome girls they passed on.

It’s Oda Sakura. The only winner. Meh. She is so vanilla. I am not happy with this choice.

I’m not happy but it won’t keep me up at night crying over this decision. She’s a dud but not a complete dud and I can’t say that she is particularly ugly but maybe on the better side of average. Although she is kind of cute when she smiles and only then. Her eyes are dead inside and wonky but when she smiles she looks way better and alive.

The good thing about this is that she is basic and doesn’t offend me in any way. The other girls mostly are strong characters and if I end up not liking her that’s fine, she will be easy to ignore. I know either now or eventually she might be pushed to the front with Riho but I think Riho stands out more and will steal the spotlight. I am okay with that because I can at least see that Riho has a loli appeal.

Morning Musume at this point can’t sing for shit. Reina is the only one who can sing and that is a tragedy. I realize that these girls mostly all have potential but I need a good singer right now. Yes Morning Musume has always had project girls but there has always been a few that could actually sing to hold the group down. Reina is good but Sayumi is a mess and pretty much every one of the girls can sing better than her.

Sakura has a decent voice(on recordings probably great) and does have potential but is she a super amazing singer? Fuck no. People are jizzing themselves over her amazing singing skills and sorry but If you think she is exceptional as a singer then I seriously think you all have been listening AKB lipsynching and it has impacted your judgement. Listen here:

It’s not that great. No, she is not an amazing singer. I do like her voice though but honestly Morning Musume sounds like shit now and does not harmonize well. One girl won’t save it. Most of the girls have voices with lower tones(they can’t sing and sound like a bunch of drunk business men on a karaoke night tbh) and I personally feel like they need to add more with higher ones. Sayumi has a higher toned voice but hers is annoying and I can’t listen to it especially now that she is given a lot of focus. So I guess I am happy that she doesn’t sound like Sayumi. If Sakura can take the focus away from Sayumi and give her less lines then I will love her and my ears will love her.

It’s not really Sakura that I don’t like but the circumstances around Sakura being picked. This audition in my mind was supposed to be for skilled singers to ground Morning Musume because they can’t sing and they threw in the super pretty without makeup part. While I thought that they were only going to pick a few girls picking one makes sense now. They wanted her to be the title of the audition.

I am sorry H!P but you can’t show me this girl and tell me that she is super gorgeous because I have eyes. She is okay. Again not ugly but to me only remotely pretty when she smiles. I have often looked at her(and my friend as well) trying to decide whether she was pretty or not and another person I talked to said she was ugly. The point is if she was super gorgeous we shouldn’t be questioning it. I understand that we all have different tastes but I have never heard anyone say that Yuukarin was ugly, now she is a good example of pretty girl. This one, not so much. It’s a majority thing. Good if she appeals to you but I don’t like to lie and pretend that my biases/girls are beautiful in a conventional way if they aren’t. I don’t hate her for it, just like I don’t hate Aika for it. It is what it is. What I hate is that they want to pretend that she is somehow this super gorgeous girl who is naturally beautiful with a talent for singing that is unmatched by anyone. Plus she looks 30.

Making an audition called that and then choosing a girl who is neither pisses me off. Not only that but you can’t show me cute little girls and then expect me to like her better. Many people were upset with Aika(not me because Aika was the best out of those wrecks who didnt even practice or learn lyrics) joining instead of others, well this girl is my Aika .The one I am disappointed with. She doesn’t stand up by herself and from what I have seen so far not impressive at all and I expected much better. You tell me you want a great singer and you don’t even pick the best one which was Haruka the only girl who could actually sing. You tell me you want a natural beauty and basically every girl there was prettier. Ayano most definitely was pretty in a traditional sense. So why am I supposed to be happy about this?

Another thing, she is an Egg. I am all for adding Eggs(girls with experience and a good fan base is smart to add and they know the members) so don’t get me wrong but seriously if you were going to pick her and just her there was no point in holding auditions just to troll everyone and get them attached to girls they can’t stan and let all of those girls think that they have a chance when they don’t. That’s mean. I know someone will probably say that she wasn’t guaranteed to get in but I think it’s pretty obvious she is just like Riho was because that’s what they wanted. There’s no way she was the best out of all of those girls that auditioned and like I said she wasn’t even the best out of the finalists.

I think she would be a good choice if it was her and someone else but just her is stupid. We all know that the one gen girls are supposed to be the mega aces and it’s insulting to Morning Musume to compare her to Gomaki and Koharu. I don’t see it in her at all. I know they will force her upon us and that’s annoying when I don’t want to see this boring vanilla girl there. Her stans will be equally annoying and will worship her blindly because she is clearly the best singer on the planet and the chosen one and everyone is just jealous of Sakura because she is perfect. Yeah I already know how this will go.

I am hoping there is a reason for this. If there is then I will understand. I don’t think she is meant to be a front girl and I see her as a nice addition to make the group better but when see gets placed to the front I won’t like it as she adds nothing special for me and an ace should be special in either looks, personality or talent.

I am curious to why they added only her. I guess it is just easier that way. H!P manages all of the Eggs and they know which girls are dedicated and take directions well so this flop must be good at listening. She is also probably good for the dynamic of the group and not a diva. It’s good that she is an Egg because she is familiar with all of the teachers and girls and can take the strenuous life of an idol. She also does not need much work because she probably already knows a bunch of H!P songs and dances and they won’t have much down time with her or have to concentrate on getting her perfect. I am thinking that with the 9th and 10th gen they found it hard because those girls needed to be trained a lot. However I still think she was unnecessary and if they were going for a solid singer to add to support Morning Musume they missed the boat with that one.

I wonder if they are planning on adding more girls later like what they did with Aika. They tried it with the pandas but it got nowhere due to racists. Is Jjang(ㅋㅋㅋ)Dayeon still there in H!P? I don’t know if Dayeon would fare any better because she is gorgeous, young looking and Korean. I hear that a few Korean bands have come over into Japan or something like that so maybe she could be okay. It’s interesting from my perspective that when the whole global H!P thing happened and failed that she was kept on. Then we the mass firing of Egg girls and she is still kept on. Also they had the Up Up Girls cover Korean songs and she was still kept in the Eggs. So they must be doing something with her. I wonder what. She is beautiful and I hope she does get a chance to shine if indeed she hasn’t been fired. lol

Oh look I have turned this into a discussion about Jang Dayeon. That is how much Sakura bores me.

Anyway that is probably just me being obsessed with another girl joining because Sakura sucks. I do think that at some point they are preparing for Reina and Sayu to leave soon. When Momusu was constant that was their downfall. They can not stay that way if they want to evolve. It gets stale. The whole band thing with Reina is a way to set her up with a career since she is the perfect idol and seems like she doesn’t want to age and can in my opinion maintain a youthful feel. I do expect her to leave if she releases a single and it does well. Sayu I am not sure about yet. She is Morning Musume’s publicity and has a huge fanbase. Plus unlike Reina who I feel usually just thinks if girls as co-workers as is more concerned for herself, Sayu actually cares and is a good leader who would be nice to keep around for a while although my ears think differently. At some point they will leave and this will cost Momusu money because wota of those girls might not latch on to the other members and won’t support the group.

S/mileage is not back to their sales after Yuukarin left but they are doing very well considering. If the other girls had not joined they would have been absolutely fucked. If those big money makers leave they need something to happen in order to make up for the money that they are losing. In terms of Momusu it is quite easy. Just add a bunch of cute girls and they will attract fans. If Sayumi is popular and sells 500 photos a month(I know this is off it’s for demonstration purposes) a new girl is not going to get that many sales unless she is special. So maybe a new girl could only manage to sell 125 photos. That sucks and H!P is going broke. But if you add four girls and they sell that you are absolutely fine.

When they leave Morning Musume will need new girls to keep up their sales. I think this is why they chose Sakura. She’s perfectly inoffensive and over time she will be a good singer who can support the bunch of tone deaf men they have now. She would be a great back girl and would easily allow the new generation to shine unlike if they added someone who was charming, pretty and talented. If they chose her to be the new ace of Momusu then lol. They are out of their fucking minds.

All in all she’s a great choice but I would have preferred another girl to be included as a member. I will only like her as a back girl too. I don’t think she has what it takes to be a front girl and Morning Musume already has other girls which could be promoted to that. Maybe I will grow to like her, maybe I will love her but for now she is basic.

Jpop Sucks~

Since Taku Takahashi is not a 13 year old girl I’ll admit I do not know much about him. I know he was/is?(I don’t know) a member of m-flo which I know very little about. I’ve never explored their music that much but I have liked the songs I have heard. I don’t know why the hell I haven’t listened to them more but I’m not going to pretend like I do when I don’t. What I gather from people who I surround myself with is that m-flo is amazing and I don’t know if Taku was good at one point in his career but now his music is atrocious. So then comes everyone saying he is pressed that he is a flop. Personally I can’t judge.

If you missed it tune into his twitter @takudj because he’s always complaining about how Japanese mainstream music sucks and that the Korean music scene is better. Grab some popcorn. You’ll have a great time.

I think he brings up valid points actually. I’m probably the only person but whatever. How much his music sucks if it does has almost nothing to do with what he is saying and if you remove him from the situation it’s easy to understand what he is saying. Is he pressed? Probably but like I said he does make legit points and it’s understandable why he would be annoyed.

When I look at the Japanese music industry, Il ook at who sells the most and this will probably come as a huge shock to people so brace yourselves it’s 48 groups and Johnny’s. I’m not even joking.

2010 Yearly Single Ranking

1. “Beginner” – AKB48 : (954,283)
2. “Heavy Rotation” – AKB48 (713,275)
3. “Troublemaker” – Arashi : (698,542)
4. “Monster” – Arashi : (696,022)
5. “Ponytail to Shushu” – AKB48 : (659,959)
6. “Hatenai Sora” – Arashi : (656,343)
7. “Løve Rainbow” – Arashi : (620,057)
8. “Chance no Junban” – AKB48 : (596,769)
9. “Dear Snow” – Arashi : (591,207)
10. “To be free” – Arashi : (516,142)
11. “Love yourself~Kimi ga Kirai na Kimi ga Suki~” – KAT-TUN : (439,736)
12. “Sakura no Shiori” – AKB48 : (390,957)
13. “This is Love” – SMAP : (350,322)
14. “Mata Kimi ni Koi Shiteru/Asia no Kaizoku” – Sakamoto Fuyumi : (311,215)
15. “LIFE~Me no mae no Mukou e~” – Kanjani 8 : (305,478)
16. “BREAK OUT!” – Tohoshinki : (289,412)
17. “Going!” – KAT-TUN : (282,901)
18. “Wonderful World!!” – Kanjani 8 : (275,891)
19. “Hatsukoi” – Fukuyama Masaharu : (269,765)
20. “CHANGE UR WORLD” – KAT-TUN : (254,150)

2011 Yearly Single Ranking

01 – “Flying Get” – AKB48 : (1,587,229)
02 – “Everyday, Kachuusha” – AKB48 : (1,586,840)
03 – “Kaze wa Fuiteiru” – AKB48 : (1,418,888)
04 – “Ue Kara Mariko” – AKB48 : (1,198,864)
05 – “Sakura no Ki ni Narou” – AKB48 : (1,079,460)
06 – “Lotus” – Arashi : (625,935)
07 – “Meikyu Love Song” – Arashi : (614,131)
08 – “Maru-Maru-Mori -Mori” – Kaoru to Tomoki, Tama ni Mook. : (498,920)
09 – “Pareo wa Emerald” – SKE48 : (466,037)
10 – “Everybody Go” – Kis-My-Ft2 : (441,680)
11 – “Okie Dokie” – SKE48 : (434,307)
12 – “Let’s try again” – Team Amuse!! : (312,666)
13 – “Oh My God!” – NMB48 : (309,846)
14 – “Rising Sun/Itsuka Kitto…” – EXILE/EXILE ATSUSHI : (305,001)
15 – “OVER” – Hey! Say! JUMP : (297,781)
16 – “Why?(Keep Your Head Down)” – Tohoshinki : (285,051)
17 – “Banzai Venus” – SKE48 : (274,973)
18 – “Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo” – NMB48 : (263,187)
19 – “T.W.L/Yellow Pansy Street” – Kanjani8 : (257,932)
20 – “Kazoku ni Narou Yo/fighting pose” – Fukuyama Masaharu : (255,572)

2012 First Half Rankings

1. “Manatsu no Sounds good!” – AKB48 : (1,780,949)
2. “GIVE ME FIVE!” – AKB48 : (1,434,398)
3. “Wild At Heart” – Arashi : (644,899)
4. “Face Down” – Arashi : (601,467)
5. “Kataomoi Finally” – SKE48 : (592,681)
6. “Ai Shite Love Ru!” – SKE48 : (544,000)
7. “Your Eyes” – Arashi : (477,820)
8. “Nagiichi” – NMB48 : (433,421)
9. “Junjo U-19” – NMB48 : (376,302)
10. “We never give up!” – Kis-My-Ft2 : (309,103)

There is no variety at all. Do I think their music is what’s making them popular? Hell no. I don’t have any interest in Johnny’s but I always to try listen to 48 groups’ singles and they pretty much all suck. Like album filler song material. That’s a shame too because there are 48 songs that I absolutely adore but lately/for several years they all suck.

Regardless of if their music sucks or not why the hell is it just Johnny’s and AKB? That’s ridiculous to be honest and it goes to show how much these companies infiltrate the music scene. Again it’s not that I have anything against the idols but it’s fucking crazy that only they exist there. Almost no one has a chance to get popular now. Japan has gone idol crazy now and an artist or a group that is not that or famous already has very little chance of becoming popular. I certainly don’t hate AKB or Johnny’s their spots and it’s great for them but looking at this you can’t really say there is variety which is what Taku was saying. Plus with no variety comes no creativity. Chances are since the same people are working with these groups the music will be boring and uninspired. It’s not like they have to try anyway.

I do understand that what is good music is kind of hard to say. It’s subjective. I don’t think comparing Vivaldi to Passpo and saying one is better based on your preference works. They are two totally different categories of music and made differently. When you do that you fail in my opinion. Idol music isn’t classical music and doesn’t aim to be. I don’t think that just because something isn’t meant to be serious or isn’t complex that it classifies as bad. What’s best to do is compare them to themselves. How successful of a piece do I think this is in terms of it’s category? Have I heard other pieces that I would deem better? These are the kinds of things I consider. But I am not even sure if because a piece of music is bad that it’s unsuccessful. For example Pyoko Pyoko Ultra is a mess of a song and yet I still listen to it. So perhaps it can’t be that bad or unsuccessful if I listen to it and enjoy it.

In terms of musical categories it’s not right to compare in my opinion but when it comes to Japanese and Korean music I do. Both places have a distinct style and what works on one often doesn’t work in the other as we can see by 2NE1’s fail in Japan. I am not saying that one is better in terms of music because they are different styles. However I can certainly say that overall Kpop is better. I am comparing this in a global way. I am a foreigner and I look at it as what appeals to me and people around the world better from a marketing standpoint.

Jpop can’t hold a candle to Kpop. Now before you all kill me I love Jpop but I do acknowledge its faults. I am not blind to the fact that the idol scene is made up of mostly untalented teenagers.

Okay so I do acknowledge that some/lots of Kpop groups can’t sing. Like this:

That is bloody terrible. Then fans sing more on tune. However I think looking at the overall picture Kpop groups are way more solid.

And yes I know that most of these groups I’ve posted have years on some of the jpop groups. So to be fair here are some younger groups from Korea.

It doesn’t matter, whatever reason you can give me it’s undeniable that Korea has idols that are better at performing. It is certainly not because there are no talented dancers in Japan either. C-ute and Perfume are really good at dancing and Kozue is a phenomenal dancer. I watch niconico dancers all of the time and some of those people are extraordinary dancers. I have seriously seen cover groups that dance and perform better than AKB themselves.

It’s simply because in Japan talent doesn’t matter. Looks are more important. Jpop focuses on the girl more so as a product herself and they will get solo photobooks and do gravure shoots. In Korea they don’t tend to do this and if idols are on magazines it’s because they are endorsing something or modeling for a shoot. Obviously it’s the same as the girl being a product but I think that level of separation makes a difference. Idols in Korea are seen as artists first whereas I don’t think in Japan it matters just as long as people like the idols and they are cute and personable.

Of course looks do matter in Korea as well and there is bias towards certain companies but even so there’s a seriousness about being an idol which Japan lacks. I do think that artists over there tend to strive for perfection in all aspects that make an idol. It’s a matter of pride. They need to be pretty but they care about appearing to sing and dance well. Whether they do or not is a different story but I do think it’s expected of them and they will go to extreme lengths to get it whereas in Japan the number goal is to be young and kawaii. If you made a group that lip-synched every time and danced poorly they would get crucified in Korea. Hell a lot of people make MR Removed videos so you can see exactly who is singing and how well they do it. I don’t think it’s only anti fans doing it either to say how much a group sucks. If you are a fan of something you want them to strive hard, right? Korean groups do. They work hours and hours a day practicing for their stages so they can get it right. Even if some are lacking in skills they do it so much that they usually are pretty in synch with the others. That’s not right either but I prefer it to someone not caring about how well they perform and only wanting to be cute to satisfy people.

The other thing is accessibility. Japan hates everyone that is not Japan and doesn’t need your money. Korea doesn’t. Korea wants your money. I know I’d rather feel welcomed and wanted than an alienated freak but maybe that’s just me. Japanese companies(minus H!P they are actually doing something smart for once) are terrible. The best way to promote internationally is through the internet. Youtube is used by a lot of people and a great way to promote to your artists. Yet if I am lucky enough to get a full version of a PV(don’t even get me started on this because I get so pissed that I will start killing people)it’s low quality and yes that’s on the OFFICIAL channel. What the hell is that? There is no excuse. I’m pretty fucking sure that we’ve progressed enough where a HD quality video is not hard to do. I can make one on my phone ffs. The problem is not that they can’t make a HD but that they don’t want to share it to the internet community which is a dumb reasoning. You aren’t getting people to buy your singles by posting horrid quality PVs online. If someone doesn’t want to buy your single they won’t. It’s that simple. If they want to see a HD version, they’ll find it. I guarantee you that.

All Japanese companies are doing is deterring people from getting into their group. Korean companies will upload full HD videos for people to enjoy. They actually want people to watch their videos. They work hard on their videos and there is a standard. If some companies are uploading HD videos your group will look like an idiot uploading something in 480p. Low quality is a turn off for me and I am not watching that crap. If I’m really desperate sure I will but otherwise I’ll be browsing Korean videos when I’m in the mood to watch music videos. Japanese PVs don’t make me want to buy or support the artists at all. Although AKB does try and makes nice PVs most other groups are in a studio. It’s boring. At least if you are going to shoot in a box make it a expensive looking box to look like you have put a little bit of effort into it. The music video is what gets people interesting in buying the single or getting into the group.

YouTube is a great tool for promoting your group and doing so internationally. It confuses me why Japanese companies are saying no to gaining fans. Why would anyone be opposed to getting money? I thought that was the point of creating companies? I remember Bubble Pop got noticed really quickly by the youtube community and it got enough attention to make people check it out and get articles written about it. If people liked it enough they could have possibly became fans but I bet those people were just as disappointed as us that Hyuna is in a flop group of nugus and not solo. I would say that people checking out videos of artists they never knew happens a lot. People are browsing around YouTube and stumble upon something and they become a fan of the group. Or they see that it’s a top video and check it out. Either way every time someone does that there is potential to make a new fan. You should do whatever it takes to impress people and Japanese companies don’t.

It’s not only that but Korean companies as I’ve said before make me feel welcome. They still see me as a foreigner and I will I always be that but at least they tolerate me and try to please me in order to gain money. They are trying really, really hard. They often stream things now so foreigners can watch things(As opposed to me waking up at 3am to watch a stream with girl indie idols and region block. Fuck you Japan. Fuck you.)and some companies upload performances to their YouTube channels. Not only that but one of the music show programs is uploading every single performance that was performed on their music show on Youtube. IN HD. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the best youtube channel ever. As well they are trying to improve their companies to help include foreigners around the world. Now there is much more English included so others can understand. At this point most companies are trying to translate and sub things so foreigners(and this includes Japanese people too) won’t be left out. I have the Sweet Muse dvd set from Kara that was translated by the company and that definitely made me by it because I’m not spending a good amount of my money on things I can’t understand to watch my idols blink and smile. I laugh when I think about Japanese companies doing it. They wouldn’t. This is another strike against them, not that they care.

As well the fan community is way better. Japanese people can’t do anything when it comes to sharing things(they can’t even copy things for personal use now smh), fancams or fanphotos. I will never be at a point in my life where I will be able to join a fanclub and stalk my idols so I am left out. However Korean fanclubs don’t make me feel like that. They always are taking photos and fancams and most sites share these with foreign fans and fan taken photos and videos are amazing and even better quality than the companies. I know that Shawols don’t fuck around when it comes to quality and their camera equipment probably cost as much as a house. Okay that’s exaggerating but they go all out on the equipment and could easily be a professional photographer with all of that. Plus they make stellar fan goods which are again probably better than the actual companies which they try to make available to foreign fans if they can.

I think one thing that was a fresh breath of air for me was that amount of female fans and younger people into Kpop. It’s not that hate guys or older ones(trust me, I really like them)but I feel like I can relate more to girls. I think when any fandom is extremely one way or the other it creeps me out to a extent although I do admit certain groups will have a gender they target. I guess where I like girl groups I have a tougher time in Jpop finding girls who feel the same but Kpop isn’t like that. There’s a mixture of fans and it comforts me in some strange way to see females yelling their lungs out at female groups and being even more boisterous than the guys. Why the hell is there female only meet and greets, shows or areas in concert halls in Japan? That is sketchy. Females should not be scared to be around a group of guys that much. I can’t fully enjoy a group if I know that their fans are creeps and it always makes me feel bad. If I applied this to appealing to foreigners I think Korea is definitely more appealing because old dudes can intimidate or seem creepy to some people.

Anyone who knows me even a little knows that I abhor Japanese packaging. I think jewel cases exist as some form of torment to the human species. Fortunately Korean companies tend to agree with me and they usually don’t use them nowadays. Even if Korean companies put out a cd with standard album packaging it’s like a miracle compared to the Japanese ones. It’s worth buying a Korean one for the photobook alone and Japanese singles or albums often don’t have one and if they do it’s usually only a few pages and a small size to fit the stupid jewel cases. Oh and by the way I hope you like spending up to four times more to get a Japanese cd of lesser quality. If you are going to make me pay for something at least make it worth my while. Can you imagine a C-ute album looking like this? I would die. I would caress it and love it and it would be amazing and I really want it and omg why does it exist because it would totally make my life.

So yeah in terms of marketing Japan is getting its ass kicked by Korea and it’s not surprising that even some Japanese people are jumping on the Kpop bandwagon. Taku Takahashi is absolutely correct with what he is saying and I don’t even know how people can say he isn’t. There are great Japanese groups and artists out there but I would that say most of the time they aren’t popular or mainstream. There is no variety any more at all and the more groups that AKB48 and Johnny’s churns out the more obvious this gets because they are popular and manage to climb the chart. I’ll admit that yes in Korea the big companies do have more power and their artists do place higher but overall I think the mainstream is fairly diverse and Korean companies wouldn’t dream of producing boring(key word is boring because Exo-M is flaw free) clones of their main group. Do I think he should be saying this on twitter? Fuck no. Japan is always ichiban. ALWAYS. You should never ever insult the great paradise that is Japan if you work there. It’s a bad idea all around and no good will come of him bashing the Japanese music industry but he can do whatever he wants and he most certainly isn’t wrong.


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